Judge Bans MSNBC From Court House.

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A Rittenhouse judge has banned MSNBC from his courthouse after a freelancer was arrested and charged with following and attempting to contact jurors on their way home from the courthouse, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The reporter, Kyle Rittenhouse, was working on an assignment from MSNBC, and he followed the jury bus to interview jurors as they left the courthouse, sources said.

Judge William Furber of Family Court issued an order barring both the judge’s staff and court personnel from speaking with any media outlets except those designated by court administrator Patricia Hartman, NBC 10 reports.

The most troubling aspect of yesterday’s events, though, is that it was only possible because Kyle Rittenhouse’s anonymity wasn’t protected. Kyle Rittenhouse may have made mistakes during his coverage of important court cases, but no one should lose their right to due process because someone else chooses to break laws. The entire point of our justice system is protecting those accused of crimes from an irrational public—if some members of our society are denied protection simply because they choose to become journalists, who will trust us? And if people are afraid to trust journalists, how will anyone know when they are being lied to?

They spend hours upon hours researching and writing opinions where they outline in painstaking detail exactly why a defendant was found guilty or innocent. Then, after all that time and work, a local reporter can spin a few words (Mainstream media) in a way you never intended them to be spun and suddenly you look like an imbecile because people think you just abused your power to promote your own agenda. It doesn’t seem fair that someone whose job is literally walking into a courtroom once or twice a week gets more protection than hard-working men and women who spend all day every day making sure our legal system works correctly. If anything good came out of yesterday’s fiasco, I hope it will be increased awareness about how essential anonymous sources are in today’s media landscape

Today, mainstream news outlets have been very kind to Vice President Joe Biden for his response to being called out on these comments. In particular, CNN has been very supportive of Mr. Biden through their coverage of his remarks at a political fundraiser. In fact, many mainstream news organizations seem to be bending over backward to portray President Biden in a positive light and haven’t even acknowledged that he made up statistics in order to bolster support for gun control. Any other president or vice president would be crucified by journalists right now and yet no one is holding Mr. Biden accountable for his lack of honesty and integrity in regards to statistics used in speeches delivered across America today.

Does anyone else find it odd that they are giving him such a free pass? How do we as American citizens hold our politicians responsible when those who should be doing so don’t? How do we ensure that both Republicans and Democrats know that we will not tolerate dishonesty and lies from those who represent us? Is it really necessary to turn off all mainstream sources just to gain an honest representation of what is going on in Washington D.C.? What can everyday Americans do to make sure that elected officials know what will happen if they lie, cheat, and steal while serving in office?

Will any journalist ever call out Mr. Biden on his blatant disregard for facts? Let’s hope so because there is simply too much at stake to accept things as they appear in 2021. The time has come for us to stand up against corruption in politics and people need to go to jail when evidence of lying under oath has been exposed by independent media agencies. Enough is enough! Let’s start doing what’s right. We must demand transparency from our leaders. Only then can we truly begin working toward making a difference with issues that affect everyone regardless of party affiliation. Best of all, we can vote them out!!!

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans


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