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Did Michael Cohen’s Testimony Give Democrats a Roadmap for an Indictment of Donald Trump?

Posted 11/28/21 By Michael Cavalier – Editor

      Michael Cohen’s testimony against Donald Trump on February 27, 2019, didn’t offer up any new bombshells, but it did provide an important look into how the president broke campaign finance laws. Cohen claimed that President Trump ordered him to pay Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money to stay quiet about an affair she had with the real estate mogul before he won the 2016 election. The president has repeatedly denied having an affair with Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford). But Cohen’s claim was enough to raise questions about whether prosecutors could indict the president if they decided to press charges.

      There is significant evidence that former New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was plotting to indict President Donald Trump on federal charges, according to a new report from The New Yorker. The report indicates that multiple sources have said Schneiderman was eyeing a case against Trump as he resigned from his post in 2018. Investigators told The New Yorker that they have been looking into potential crimes related to falsifying business records and fraudulent conduct relating to tax payments. Now, remember he resigned because 4 women accused him of physical abuse reported by the New Yorker.

      The younger Trump (Donald Jr.) has been caught in a number of dubious situations in recent years, including—but by no means limited to—the infamous Trump Tower meeting. If he were indicted, would his father be implicated as well? While nothing is certain at this point, it’s worth noting that sitting presidents can face indictment after they leave office. This could happen because there’s no immunity from indictment for criminal activity while in office and because it would technically be possible to indict a former president under federal law. Is this really about the law being implemented or is it just fear of Trump winning the office of President again?

      Even if Trump Jr. didn’t play a role in any crimes committed during his father’s presidency, Democrats could seek to use him as leverage against President Trump when seeking cooperation on other issues. To do so might be legally risky, though. Yes, they do! Unlike his siblings and father before him — who had deep ties to New York — Don Jr. isn’t personally tied to Trump-branded real estate projects or government infrastructure projects in New York City or surrounding areas. In fact, last year he bought a waterfront mansion with eight bedrooms about 45 minutes south of Albany.

      It was close enough to Washington D.C., where members of Congress have been known to spend weekends, but far enough away from all things Trump-related. While Cohen may have incriminated himself when he confessed that he violated campaign finance laws in order to cover up his boss’s affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels, there are still other risks facing President Trump. He might want to start worrying about New York state prosecutors after they subpoenaed his organization, seeking documents related to several issues.

      Those include alleged hush-money payments made on behalf of Trump to women who claimed affairs with him during his presidential run; information on any crimes committed against residents of New York’s Trump Tower; and any crimes stemming from allegations that Mr. Trump encouraged others at his company or on his campaign staff to coordinate or pay off those alleged hush money agreements. I personally don’t care about all this. Everyone has a past and no one is perfect. What I am worried about and have more concern to what Democrats are really after.

      They will stop at nothing to maintain power or to stop them from leading the country in the direction of Socialism. I may not have liked everything Donald Trump did, but one thing is for sure. You always knew what he thought because he thought out loud. The country did well under his leadership until the Covid 19 virus started. The Democrats actually tried blaming him for it. Crazy Right. It isn’t so crazy when one sees and knows the Democrats as I do. My next vote for the Presidency will not be for a Democrat this time around. Trump, 2024.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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