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Federal Judges Block Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Posted 12/01/2021, by Michael Cavalier – Editor

      Recently, two different federal judges ruled against President Biden’s vaccine mandate, blocking its implementation. The judge from Texas cited religious freedom, while the judge from Pennsylvania claimed that the mandate violated the law regarding interstate commerce. While these are setbacks for Biden’s vaccine agenda, he has already announced that he will appeal both decisions.

      Claiming that he does not believe any parent should be able to opt out of vaccinating their children under any circumstances. Will Biden succeed in his plans to force vaccinations on everyone or will parents maintain the right to decide how to best protect their families? As developments occur, stay tuned!

      District Judge Lawrence J. O’Neill, in Philadelphia, and Senior District Judge John J. McConnell Jr., in Pittsburgh. The decisions blocked separate components of what government lawyers had framed as a two-pronged adult dose mandate: One applying to adults between ages 18 and 64 who are not pregnant; one applying to everyone over six months old.

      The judges ruled that neither went far enough to be constitutional. In Pennsylvania, O’Neill wrote that there was no urgent need for a federal vaccine requirement—because no disease posed an imminent danger for most people. He added that exceptions for religious beliefs made it unconstitutional on its face—because some would have to violate their faith in order to get a vaccine.

      He argued that alternatives already exist—including state immunization requirements and rules from doctors themselves—that make vaccination unnecessary. In California, Judge McConnell was similarly convinced by those alternatives: He noted California law requires kids going into daycare or school to get vaccinated unless they have certain medical exemptions.

      They said parents have a right to opt-out of vaccines, and they should be notified of that right. But both judges also said it was a state issue, not a federal one. Because of that, neither judge blocked every part of Vice President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate; they just blocked certain aspects.

      So while families in Pennsylvania and New York can now keep their unvaccinated children at home instead of sending them to daycare—where other children aren’t vaccinated—they still won’t be able to enroll those kids in public schools or daycare facilities operated by their states.

      While millions of Americans will continue vaccinating their kids because there are no mandatory vaccine laws in most states. If President Biden wins his mandate for the Vaccination, what’s next? Jail time? Confiscation of Your Child? I am against Vaccines all together but I am definitely against big brother sticking their nose into your business!

      As you can see from two different Federal Judges’ actions, Parents with legitimate concerns about vaccination choice were trampled upon by Governor Bradys’ recent political agenda. The basic premise for increased mandating is that fewer people would contract the disease if more people had been vaccinated.

      Yet studies show otherwise: Uptake rates of these recommended vaccines among schoolchildren were at 72 percent between 1991 and 1994, according to data published by Journal Pediatrics. By 2009 — after mandates became widespread — these numbers rose slightly to 80 percent. In other words, mandates work: more than twice as many schoolchildren get their shots after so-called proactive vaccine policies go into effect compared to before they exist.

      American Liberty League’s president Scott H. Greenfield said, There’s a certain irony to it, particularly given that all of these other issues are getting pushed by people who probably don’t even know what socialism is and haven’t thought about how socialism has failed every time it’s been tried. It becomes an issue just because there are so many people who aren’t thinking about what they’re talking about. This is government on auto-pilot.

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