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Republicans need to get out and vote in the mid-terms of 2022 and take back the power from the Democrats.

Pelosi and Sleepy Joe: What will happen to America?

Posted 12/02/2021, by Michael Cavalier – Editor

      The 2018 mid-term elections were an important win for the Republican party, and they are hoping to build on this momentum heading into the 2022 mid-term elections. At the same time, Nancy Pelosi is starting to feel the heat as she sees her influence slipping away as members of her own party turn against her.

      It’s been 23 years since we had a Republican president. Not since Ronald Reagan was in office have we had a government that represents us as Americans. Donald Trump scared Nancy Pelosi so much, she is still after Former President Donald Trump ( Impeachment ). With Nancy Pelosi ( Pocahontas ) at her wits end with her partner-in-crime, Sleepy Joe Biden ( need I say more )? It might be time for her to step down and let someone else take charge.

      We all know she’s old enough to retire and she probably should considering how disorganized she is. Let’s not forget about Bernie Sanders ( Mr. Socialist himself ), saying he would primary against any Democrat who doesn’t support Medicare For All! I am more than willing to get behind Former President Donald Trump winning the Presidency election again.

      However, America needs to decide if they want another four years of stagnation under Democratic rule or if they want to ignite change like no other. We deserve better and I think everyone on both sides can agree with me on that. On second thought… maybe not. The progressives are so divided among themselves, nothing seems to be moving forward within their camp.

      Democrats need fresh blood and fast before we head into these elections in 2022. Will Nancy Pelosi step down from power? If not then what needs to happen before she does? There has already been an attempt from some members of Congress on trying to get rid of Pelosi as Speaker and replace her with someone who truly represents middle-class voters.

      If you feel our country could use some fresh ideas in office, vote red when November 2020 rolls around. That way we have time to elect new members into Congress and find an alternative to Sleepy Joe by 2022. One thing that helps a country’s economy is if people make a lot of money, they can spend it.

      They can use it on anything they want, buy businesses or support other businesses or even donate some of their money to charities. People make more money when there is more demand for their skills and jobs. When we raise taxes on people, not only do those individuals pay more tax but some have less cash on hand which decreases their ability to hire others or invest in something new like an equipment purchase for their business.

      So for our country’s economic growth, we should be lowering taxes as much as possible so people have plenty of disposable income left over after taxes are taken out to spend how they want. Everyone benefits from that scenario. We all want a strong economy where unemployment is low and people work hard because they see opportunities.

      Increasing their wealth without having to give up anything since there’s no tax burden weighing them down. The best way to see true prosperity is through lower taxes overall with fewer government regulations dictating what Americans can do with their own money. That’s why it makes sense for Americans to vote Republican in November 2022! #VoteRepublican2020!

      We should at all times watch Democrats very closely. We all know Democrats had something to do with helping Sleepy Joe across the finish line. NOW is the time to start watching the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi looks nervous and scared. She already knows all eyes will be upon her and the Democratic Party.

      I want to see Nancy Pelosi destroyed by her own party. I actually want Pelosi to fight her party on keeping the Speaker Of the House. So, will her own party fight to throw her out of power? You better believe they would. Power is all they seek, not helping the people as they try to make it look.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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