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Republicans need to get out and vote in the mid-terms of 2022 and take back the power from the Democrats.

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A Test of Weakness Or Strength for Biden 

Posted 12/04/21, By Michael Cavalier – Editor

     As President of the United States, the decisions I make are either the key to making us the strongest country in the world or, the weakness that Putin might use against us. During my meeting with Putin on 12/9/21, I must show him we are not weak, but strong and confident in our self-security. If we become too weak as a nation to show Putin our strength he will use this weakness to put himself ahead of us in all situations. The decisions we make can bring us peace or war.

      Why do we have to worry about President Biden and President Putin’s meeting on 12/09/21? I’m worried that President Biden will show weakness in the eyes of President Putin. If anything, this is a test or weakness or strength. In times like these, if we were weak, what would happen if other nations view us as weak? We are all Americans. We are working together to make America great again. The time has come for President Biden to prove himself to other countries.

      The United States needs him now more than ever! He needs to stand his ground, not give up any land, and lead by example! Vladimir Putin is a strong man who likes other strong men and is respected by many. He especially respects people who are stronger than him, showing he has been tested. If Biden shows that he is weaker than Putin during his 12/9/21 meeting, it would show that we as a nation have not been tested in a long time.

      Vladimir will see us as weak and seek us out for more tests of his power over us. We need to show Russia that we are stronger so Putin does not think about doing anything unnecessary against America again. Now is the time President Biden! Let’s meet him head-on. That’s what will make us strong.

      The United States is currently in a state of war. It was started because former President Obama failed to act when Russia invaded and attacked Crimea. If we continue to do nothing, they will keep on invading other countries such as Ukraine With his increasing firepower and soldiers to the front line of Ukraine sending signals he may be fixing to invade. What could President Biden do about it? We know from previous presidents that there are weak, ineffective men who get involved in useless trade deals.

      This once great nation has been reduced to leaders who seem ready to raise their white flag against any foe. Not just from terrorist states but also now one of our greatest allies: Russia There must be a massive increase of military funding and modernize our armed forces by removing all divisions that lost their meaning during the last decades or converting them into new specialties (such as tactical ballistic missiles). Furthermore, we must revive anti-missile systems in Europe as those Reagan installed but without making it look so offensive trying not to antagonize Russia.

      In addition, we need to make sure American-Russian relations don’t deteriorate further. For example: By setting up real working groups to figure out how both nations can benefit economically through export and import policies. Finally, we must bring stability back into Eastern Europe either through NATO membership or peacekeeping missions conducted by other NATO members if necessary but anything that would improve security and protect their democracy should be considered; if possible via diplomacy otherwise just placing defensive troops along common borders.

     Some may ask how would Putin react in case we took measures such as those mentioned above? He’d find another reason. Even if we intervened militarily in Syria now there’s no guarantee he wouldn’t have come after us anyway. So let us show Putin that we stand together with our European friends! Let us tell him Russia cannot be allowed to push around its neighbors whenever he pleases! The United States isn’t just a moral superpower, it also has immense economic power. Sometimes US citizens forget just how strong it really is

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans