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Republicans need to get out and vote in the mid-terms of 2022 and take back the power from the Democrats.

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Republicans: No legislative agenda for 2022 midterm elections

Posted 12/04/2021, By Michael Cavalier – Editor

      Republicans: No legislative agenda for 2022 midterm elections? Did Mitch McConnell really say he wouldn’t have a legislative agenda for Republicans 2022? As reported by The Republican leader told reporters he’s done making election-year promises. We didn’t have a single vote to spare.

      We had 51 members who wouldn’t support that package, and there are people who believed if they didn’t get something specific in their district or state they would be punished in their primaries, and we also had an unending stream of things every day that were false allegations and incorrect statements made about what was in it, McConnell said.

      He added This will not be an exercise where we anticipate a huge wave coming and say to ourselves that we want to hit these rocks before it gets here… I don’t think any of us want to run into those kinds of headwinds. On potential campaign issues Democrats may attack Republicans on—health care, immigration policy, and trade—McConnell added It depends on whether you can appeal to middle-class voters as well as voters in your base….

      How many times can you point at them (Democrats) with scorn? At some point, you need to offer people something or someone to help them get ahead. One way of doing that is by saying we can make things better for your family. Another way is saying you’re going nowhere under these other guys. A third way is identifying trends and problems in society so deeply held that lots of different groups feel alienated.

      Mitch can come up with an outline of what they plan to do. He should also make sure that whatever they put out in their plan, is something that is going to sell and will be used by them. He can play it safe if he wants or he can be creative and let people know why they should vote Republican again. Put your faith in McConnell because he will get things done.

      Just put something in place so people can see what is being done. People don’t like waiting till November to see what you are doing as elected officials to represent them and why you are putting forth effort. Am the only one who thinks that McConnell has his work cut out for him. For God’s sake pull it together Senator McConnell or we will lose everything again! Show us you care! 2024 is not too far away… we need to start now in 2021! We must help former President Donald Trump win re-election again.

      President Trump’s approval rating is at its highest in months, with new polls showing a majority of Americans believe he has improved America’s position in world affairs. It also appears that Trump is polling well enough to help Republicans win back the House majority and perhaps even give them an edge in some key Senate races.

      That puts extra pressure on Democrats to win big in 2022 — but it doesn’t mean they’ll actually get there. As Axios’ Jonathan Swan writes, The party’s leaders lack a unified message and approach ahead of next year’s election. So why should McConnell do something he probably can’t pull off? Because  McConnell made his bet on political survival back when it looked like tax reform was unlikely to pass.

      Reduce spending as a percentage of GDP 2. Maintain annual deficits in line with GDP 3. Eliminate any credit debt 4. Control out-of-wedlock birth rates 5. Implement an equal opportunity hiring plan 6. Increase minimum wage by 15% 7. Stop funding abortion clinics 8. Raise taxes on those making $300,000+ 9. Back off free trade policies 10. End chain migration 11. Move forward on merit-based immigration 12. Reform entitlements 13. Fund infrastructure

      14. Add flood protections along with all coastal communities and fill in wetlands that have been filled to create property 15. Upgrade to 21st-century electrical grid 16. Make information sharing between federal agencies easier 17. Simplify tax code 18. Create incentives for companies to stay headquartered here 19. Just a few things that need looking after. There are other things, well hell, you never run out of things, now says we are a busy country too. There has to be a way to sway Republican voters to come out, there has to be. We here at Truth Seeking truth

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans