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Republicans need to get out and vote in the mid-terms of 2022 and take back the power from the Democrats.

Why should Republicans come out and vote in the upcoming 2022 midterms?

Posted 12/18/2022, by Michael Cavalier – Editor

     Republicans usually have a good showing in presidential election years, but midterms are another story. Midterm elections typically see the incumbent president’s party lose seats in Congress, and there are plenty of reasons that Republicans should turn out to vote in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. Here are five reasons why the Republican Party should show up for midterm elections: 1) Immigration reform might be on the table; 2) Democrats could take over the Senate; 3)President Biden still has his entire first term left to achieve his agenda; 4) Women’s issues are at stake; 5) Supreme Court appointments are at stake.

     I’ve never been a fan of people who complain about politics and then don’t do anything about it. If you don’t like where our country is headed, vote in local and state elections, run for office, organize protests, write to your congressman—don’t just complain. And if you are worried about one party or another being too overreaching, then get out there and make sure they aren’t. Doing nothing is how we got here in the first place. Act now before it’s too late.

    The midterms are often a referendum on who controls Congress, and it’s important that our party wins, as we represent many of your beliefs. While we all understand it’s not easy to attend a voting booth every few years, we encourage all of you to step up and make your voice heard in November 2022. You will greatly help those running for office in your home district if you do. In addition, voting is one of the most patriotic things a citizen can do! Get out there, push back against liberal ideals, and vote Republicans into office in 2022. 

     Midterm election years are typically seen as a referendum on what President’s current administration has done, but they also allow voters to decide who controls Congress. If Democrats take control of Congress, they’ll have free reign to investigate President Trump and his supporters. This could mean endless subpoenas from Democrats. It is important that you use your voice to defend other conservatives during these crucial election years. The best way to do so is by showing up and voting in primary elections. Only then can Republicans ensure their power remains in Washington; only then can we keep our party in control of both Houses of Congress.

     The number one mistake Republicans make is simply refusing to vote. They don’t realize that you have to engage with your system if you want it to change, and there’s no better time than in between Presidential terms when Democrats are often feeling confident. Republicans need to make an effort in order to get their voices heard, and in doing so will prove their willingness to compromise instead of just criticizing every step of the government. The result? More clout for conservative ideas like lower taxes and smaller government. If they can be heard on an even playing field now, imagine what they could do next election cycle!

     If you’re not going to cast a vote, you’re putting your fate in someone else’s hands. You can argue that who gets elected won’t have any effect on your life but remember: If they win, they will pass policies that will have a direct effect on you. If these policies aren’t to your liking, then voting is necessary. Showing up matters. Voting does matter. Don’t feel like it does? Do it anyway – or stop complaining about what others are doing with their freedom of speech and take yours back by showing up to do some good in our country!

     It’s easy to be cynical and to feel like your vote doesn’t matter. The best way to combat that feeling is to take an active role in politics by voting and taking a vested interest in what the government is doing (or not doing). If you don’t like what you see, get involved—talk with friends, join political groups, and make sure your elected officials know how you feel. Only then can we start making meaningful changes. It can’t be stressed enough that your vote counts.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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