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Why is President Joe Biden Not Addressing The Immigration Problem?

Posted 12/20/2021, By Michael Cavalier – Editor

   President Joe Biden has had plenty of time to address the immigration problem facing many border states, including Texas and Arizona, but his silence on the matter should raise concerns in all Americans. Rather than doing something about this pressing issue, Biden has decided to focus on other things. This doesn’t make any sense, and it’s time that Biden starts addressing the problem before more damage is done to our country by illegal immigrants.

   We’ve seen plenty of political grandstanding over illegal immigration in recent years. It hasn’t always been that way—for a long time, politicians avoided talking about it for fear of alienating key voters. Nowadays, however, most people have firmly made up their minds on both sides and could care less what you think—it’s unlikely to change their opinion one way or another.

   At present, there are two major camps when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants: border security and amnesty (or what some call legalization). Naturally, each side has its pros and cons and while they may never fully agree on anything else ever again anyone who witnessed last year’s government shutdown debacle can attest to that, they need to find common ground somewhere if they want to address immigration head-on. Republicans want to know, Why is it taking so long?

   Texas has already taken some steps to do something about its illegal immigrant problem as reported in the Western Journal. First of all, they are asking all ILLEGAL immigrants in their state to go back to where they came from or be placed in jail. They even said anyone caught helping them will be arrested. These people will be fined for every day they stay in Texas and not leave.

   If they don’t have money, then they’ll be thrown in jail until someone pays that fine for them. What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they realize what kind of problems and danger (remember Ebola?) we have here due to their careless actions (walking across a field towards America)?! We can’t handle everyone who wants to come here!

   About $113 billion, according to a new study. According to FAIR, in 2012, illegal immigrants imposed more than $113 billion in costs on U.S. taxpayers — an increase of almost $29 billion since 2007. And if amnesty were granted as part of comprehensive immigration reform — allowing 11 million illegal immigrants to become citizens — it would cost another $6.3 trillion above taxes paid over their lifetimes.

   Now in 2021, it’s costing more and more each year it goes Unaddressed. Illegal Aliens are draining our tax coffers. All Americans suffer from increased funding for welfare programs that encourage families to have children out of wedlock thereby increasing birthrates among those seeking assistance in raising their offspring. Overuse by those here illegally can lead to abuses such as having numerous driver’s licenses or non-employment use which are against laws passed by Congress that all Americans must follow.

   TB, Chicken Pox, H1N1, Swine Flu, and Worst of All Measles. But what will our government do about it? Nothing as long as Democrats remain in power. They’ll say it’s not a problem right now But they’re wrong. It is a problem if we let millions of illegals enter America. Which one of these diseases, if not all of them will they carry? None of us want any such disease here in America.

   I don’t care how poor some countries may be that we are allowing into our country illegally, Americans should have some dignity. When will President Biden act? We should never even allow one illegal to come into America! Illegal immigrants threaten American citizens with diseases every day.

   If someone knocks on your door, looks like they’re in desperate need of help, and asks for shelter, what would you do? Say no? Well, a lot of people say yes (Democrats); but if you decide to accept that person into your home, what should be done with them next? Just let them go about their business as if nothing has happened?

   Most people would not be okay with that. So why are we not sending these illegals back across the border? There could very well be criminals among them, or worse… terrorists! Not only that but aren’t there US citizens who are struggling to make ends meet so that these illegals can get food stamps, free healthcare, and many other welfare benefits while here illegally?! Those tax dollars could be better spent elsewhere helping our own citizens. That’s why Democrats must be removed from power.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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