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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) Fights for Freedom of Speech

Posted 1/2/22, by Michael Cavalier – Editor

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) of Georgia has had her Twitter account permanently suspended due to hateful content, according to Twitter Inc., the company that runs the social media platform. However, Rep. Greene believes her account was suspended simply because she does not agree with liberal views and has been vocal about it, often in heated debates on social media.

This serves as another example of Twitter stifling free speech and an example of political correctness gone too far, according to Rep. Greene, as well as many other Republicans in Congress and President Trump himself who has also been banned from the site several times.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) is fighting to get her Twitter account back after being suspended on Sunday night. Her Twitter handle, @maggiered72, which has almost 130,000 followers, has been frozen due to violations in Twitter’s terms of service policy 19: COVID-19 misinformation: Deceptive content intended to manipulate public opinion or sow discord.

Taylor expressed disappointment over what she saw as government censorship, tweeting about how disgusted she was by her treatment by Twitter and threatening legal action against both Twitter and Facebook if they didn’t restore access to her personal accounts immediately. She vowed that social media sites would have an uphill legal battle ahead of them if they didn’t fix their policies fast enough: I won’t be swayed so easily—this will not stand!

Greens’ other Twitter account for her congressional office account. It means that Twitter is stepping up its procedures to prevent government officials from flooding Twitter with COVID-19 misinformation. These new security measures are only designed to help safeguard against domestic chaos, not international terrorism.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is filing a petition in federal court today challenging these security protocols as unconstitutional and/or illegal because they violate her first amendment rights to freedom of speech and due process under COVID-19. It really looks like the Democrats are getting ready for the mid-term elections which are right around the corner.

Rep.Green said she is fighting for everyone’s rights

I’m fighting for everyone’s rights! she exclaimed. I will not let my account be silenced! I will use other social media networks to continue spreading my message about ‘the dangers of communism.’My voice will never go unheard again!

When asked if she was concerned that by using alternate platforms like Facebook, she might inadvertently spread fake news stories about mass shooters targeting politicians or celebrities being infected with swine flu or bird flu, Greene said:

My Tweets are perfectly accurate. The information is coming directly from our country’s intelligence agencies. And besides… Everyone can make up their own mind what to believe. That’s one of America’s greatest strengths: Freedom of choice!

I might not agree with everything Greens says, but she has a point when saying people can judge for themselves what to believe. With Twitter singling our Republicans to ban along with Facebook (let us not leave them out) is the start of Socialism and communism.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans


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