Newly Elected Governor Youngkin Takes The Bull By The Horns

Image By Glenn Youngkin from Virginia
Glen Youngkin

Virginia’s Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed 11 executive orders on his first day in office, aimed at “making Virginia the best state to live, work and do business in.” These orders include a variety of measures such as increasing government efficiency, reducing regulations, and cutting taxes.

While some of these measures may be beneficial for the state, others could have negative consequences for Virginians. It will be important to watch how these orders are implemented and whether they help or hurt the people of Virginia.

As reported by The Hill, Virginia’s Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed 11 executive orders on his first day in office, including one lifting a mask mandate in public schools and another banning the teaching of critical race theory, both issues Youngkin campaigned on.

“Executive Order Number One delivers on his Day One promise to restore excellence in education by ending the use of divisive concepts, including Critical Race Theory, in public education,” a press release from Youngkin’s office read.

“Executive Order Number Two delivers on his Day One promise to empower Virginia parents in their children’s education and upbringing by allowing parents to make decisions on whether their child wears a mask in school,” the release continued.

Louisiana passed a resolution banning the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in public schools. This has sparked a heated debate about the merits of CRT and what it is really teaching our students. Several other states have also banned the teaching of CRT, but many people are still confused about what it is and why it is being banned.

What is “critical race theory?” Is it a new way of understanding how American racism has shaped our country’s institutions and policies? Or is it simply a tool for academic leftists to further their own agenda? Democrats have been using “critical race theory” in an attempt to further their agenda against conservatives. However, this theory is flawed and could actually be doing more harm than good.

The governor also signed an executive order announcing the state was “open for business”; two orders establishing a state effort to combat antisemitism and human trafficking, respectively, and another promising to investigate an alleged sexual assault in a Loudoun County high school, among others.

In a statement on the executive orders, Youngkin said, “The work is only beginning.”

“The important steps we are taking today will begin the work of restoring excellence in education, making our communities safer, opening Virginia for business and reinvigorating job growth, and making government work for the people, and not the other way around,” Governor Youngkin said. As reported by the Hill

Yes, it’s true we had slavery. Democrats always fall back to this in our past History, yes past history. Is racism still alive and well? The short answer is yes, but what the Liberals don’t say is it is a but a few groups. The United States as a whole outnumbers the groups that are still trying to push against racism.

The Democrats are trying to portray the Republicans as racist. This should get all Americans angry that they would try such a thing. Many men died in our civil war to help end slavery. The one thing you will never hear a Democrat say is,” Republicans are the ones that were fighting against slavery”. Today we Republicans are fighting against Socialism.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans


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