We Have Another Republican Wanting To Do What Democrats Fear – Kari Ann Lake

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Kari Lake is a gubernatorial candidate running for Governor of Arizona. Lake is a Republican candidate in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election. She is politically aligned with Donald Trump, who has endorsed her.

Kari Lake, a Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, is vowing to take a tough stance on illegal immigration if elected. One of her first moves would be to issue a “declaration of invasion” and close the border. Her opponents are questioning whether this kind of aggressive rhetoric is really what Arizona needs right now. But Lake insists that it’s time to get serious about the problem of illegal immigration and start sending a message that we’re not going to put up with it anymore.

I agree with her 100%. If Democrats will not address the immigration problem we have, then step aside and let someone who cares take the lead. I like what I’m beginning to see. Republicans are building the momentum to not just go forward, but to re-take back the power Democrats are abusing.

When questioned about the immigration problems she didn’t hesitate to respond with her interview with AWR Hawkins, AWR Hawkins is a weekly contributor to Andrew Breitbart’s “BIG” sites, a columnist for Pajamas Media, and a contributor to RedCounty.com. He holds a Ph.D. in US military history from Texas Tech University.

   Lake said, “On day one, after taking the oath of office, while the press is still assembled, [I’ll] remove my hand from the Bible and we’re going to issue a Declaration of Invasion.”

      She explained that she knows the federal government under Joe Biden will fight her efforts to close the border, but made clear that she will not be dissuaded or distracted by the federal government.

      “If Joe Biden is going to hand off control of our border to the crime and criminal cartels out of Mexico,” she stated, “it’s wrong what he’s doing, and we will go to battle with the feds on this. We’re going to build that wall, and they’re going to fight us, but I think there’s enough wherewithal and power at the state level, and by the American people, to say, ‘No, we want a secure border and Joe Biden is not providing that.’ Kari Lake

      Democrats are already worried about the 2022 midterms. Polling shows that the Republican Party has a good chance of taking back the House of Representatives, and if this happens, it could be disastrous for the Democratic Party. Some Democratic leaders are already beginning to panic, and they are starting to make some bad decisions in an attempt to hold on to power. This is the time to gain more and more momentum.

Most Americans don’t even worry about the politics going on right now, but, they do notice the price of gas and inflation. President Bidens administration is running scared. These next three years will be disastrous for the country. We need to keep pouring out the truth so we can begin to grow the Republican party.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans


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