Supreme Court finally gets a ruling right

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Reporting by Paul Bois – Breitbart

      It looks like the Supreme court finally got a ruling right. The Supreme court decision on the Lone Star State’s (Texas) Abortion providers and advocates were dealt another setback yesterday January, 1/19/22 when the supreme rejected their request for a federal judge to accelerate the legal challenge to the Lone Star State’s six-week abortion ban.

When we say abortion, let’s be clearer about what it really means. To me and millions of other Americans say it the way it should be said, it’s the murder of an innocent unborn infant. Abortion is a Democrat nice word to eliminate the word murder. The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy is most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.

What do you think of when you hear the word “abortion?” Most people think of a termination of a pregnancy that is carried out in the first few months. But what about abortions that are performed after 20 weeks? Or abortions that use drugs to induce labor?

Reporting by Paul Bois of

These procedures are much less commonly talked about, even though they account for 95% of all abortions. Though no majority opinion was issued, the six conservative and moderate justices voted in lockstep with each other while the three liberal justices (Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan) dissented.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote

      “This case is a disaster for the rule of law and a grave disservice to women in Texas, who have a right to control their own bodies, Sotomayor further lamented that the Texas law supposedly violates 50 years of the Supreme Court precedents by creating a “private bounty-hunter scheme.”

       “It has been over four months since Texas Senate Bill 8 took effect,” she wrote. “The law immediately devastated access to abortion care in Texas through a complicated private bounty-hunter scheme that violates nearly 50 years of this court’s precedents.” Today, for the fourth time, this court declines to protect pregnant Texans from egregious violations of their constitutional rights,” she added.

       As noted by the New York Times, the ruling follows “a decision last month allowing the providers to sue at least some state officials to try to block or limit the law.”

The pro-life organization Texas Right to Life celebrated the decision on Thursday, hailing it as another opportunity to save preborn lives:

      Today, the Supreme Court of the United States denied the abortion industry’s desperate request to return Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson—the lawsuit challenging the Texas Heartbeat Act—back to a federal district judge proven to be hostile to the law.

      The supreme court justices handed down a few bad rulings this week. However, this ruling (finally) was a good ruling against the lone Star State’s (Texas) providers and advocates for abortion. It’s nice to see the Supreme Court can actually get this one right. Now they need to do better by overturning Roe v Wade. That’s for another article.

When I was with the Democratic party, I was always at war with myself trying to justify abortion. Finally, my guilt over the Democrat’s rationality over abortion won out. I couldn’t follow along with the murdering of an innocent unborn infant.

That is but one reason (main) I decided to change political parties. Abortion should never be used as birth control. I can now say, I have no more guilt on my shoulders or in my heart over my reasoning for abortion as a recovering Democrat when I switched political parties. Now, as a conservative, I took your advice (wernerpd) I feel no more guilt over abortion. What we need now is for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vWade.

God bless America, the Unborn, God Bless the Veterans


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