CEO of Penzeys Spices renamed the extended Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend to be ‘Republicans are racist weekend’

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The CEO of Penzeys Spices, Bill Penzey Jr., published an email to his customers where he renamed the extended Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend to be Republicans are racist weekend in a recent newsletter to customers, wherein he said his aim was to anger Republicans in honor of the late civil rights icon, according to Fox News.

The CEO at Penzeys Spices revealed that he’s received a number of angry e-mails from Republicans, who have dropped their support for his company and have turned him into an enemy as a result. In fact, even liberal consumers have expressed concern about his statements because they believe it could start a trend where business owners name holidays to get political, which would damage America’s economy and social culture further.

However, Bill Penzey insists that he isn’t trying to do anything like that, but rather just wanted to say what was on his mind. Because of those negative responses, many customers have pulled their support away from Penzeys Spices as well. …However, Penzeys wants people to know that they aren’t going out of business anytime soon despite Bill’s attempts at stirring up anger towards one party or another.

The CEO of spice company Penzeys has continued his attacks on Republicans, describing them as the number one threat to America. Bill Penzey told Fox News that he wrote a holiday message in a letter to customers that was critical of President Trump and his supporters. And just two weeks ago, Mr. Penzey branded Donald Trump and his followers as being racists at their core. But now Mr. Penzey has taken aim at anyone who identifies themselves with Republicanism – claiming it is synonymous with racism.

Outrage was initially sparked on social media as customers took issue with a company leader trying to profit from someone’s death and publicly stating their political beliefs. There were few supporters for Bill Penzey (the CEO), but many people were angry that he thought it appropriate and important enough to drag politics into his business, especially when dealing with such a heavy subject matter.

While some customers stayed loyal to Penzeys, others reacted by canceling their orders or sending back previous shipments in protest. Those who chose not to return merchandise also vowed never to shop at Penzeys again. Some have even referred to him as poisonous and threatened bodily harm if they ever saw him in person.

The threat of violence against Mr. Penzey doesn’t surprise me at all. In today’s much divide in politics, he has put himself out there in the firing line. Violence is on a rise in today’s political arena. I in no way shape or form condone violence. Yet these people are stirring the pot. Then what would MLK think about this?

I would imagine that Dr. King would want us to work together rather than divide us into warring camps fighting about our political differences. As much as we want justice for all, we may never truly achieve it if we insist on calling people names and refusing to hear one another out—even if we disagree with them.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans


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