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It looks as if the closer we get to the upcoming mid-term elections the more we see other Conservatives bucking the system. Regardless of how you see January 6, Protesters, a mob, or rioters, that’s your right. We need to stop all the bickering amongst us Conservatives.

This is exactly what the Democrats want. If they can divide us, then without a doubt they will retain the House and maybe even pick up a seat or two in the Senate. What then? We need a strong conservative movement. That means coming together as a voting force to be dealt with.

We don’t need articles like this going against Conservatives before the upcoming mid-term elections. Our Representatives in Congress are being quiet instead of out there fighting against the Democratic rule.

Huffington Post reporting

The January 6, protest soon turned violent, with the demonstrators engaging in acts of vandalism and violence against police officers and civilians. This riot was immediately condemned by nearly all political commentators, who labeled it as inexcusable behavior that only served to further polarize an already fractured nation.

However, a few voices out there are defending the actions of these rioters as “legitimate political discourse.” They claim that the destruction and chaos were simply a way for the protesters to express their frustration and unhappiness with the election results. Is this really a legitimate form of protest?

     NR’s recent attack on conservatives is not only dishonest, but it evidences a lack of understanding of what conservatism really is. Contrary to NR’s claim, conservatism is not about blind obedience to authority or purely economic self-interest.

Rather, conservatism embodies the belief that in order for society to flourish, individuals must be free to pursue their own interests and talents within a framework of shared values and principles. This philosophy has been proven time and again throughout history, and it is precisely why conservatives continue to be an important force in our political landscape.

On Saturday, the conservative National Review magazine savaged its usual ally the Republican National Committee as “morally repellent” and “politically self-destructive” for how it recently addressed last year’s violent attack on the Capitol by Donald Trump supporters.

The magazine slashed the RNC for censuring Reps. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) on Friday for daring to serve on the House select committee probing the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot. Huffington Post

Particularly startling, in censuring the lawmakers, the RNC described the attack on the Capitol as “legitimate political discourse.” Some 140 police officers were injured when the mob stormed the Capitol that day and more than 740 people have been arrested in conjunction with the riot.

     “The action of the mob on January 6 was an indefensible disgrace,” the Review flatly declared in its editorial. “It is deserving of both political accountability and criminal prosecution.

     Aspects of it are also fit subjects for a properly conducted congressional inquiry. It is wrong to minimize or excuse what happened that day.” Huffington Post

     Republicans have to come out and vote. Democrats will continue their attack on our country by trying to bring socialism to it. We all know how that would turn out for the American people.

God Bless America, God Bless the veterans


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