Good deeds go unreported by the mainstream media

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Our police officers are getting such a bad rap these days. When will they just stop chasing the bad guys down dark allies? Should they receive more training? The mainstream media would have a whole segment if they were to report on the good things police officers do beyond the call of duty.

Going through my news feed, I came across this great article about what two police officers did in The Ada County Sheriff’s Office is Idaho’s largest local law enforcement agency.

Before I give you the highlights of this story, let’s revisit what the Democrats are counting on to get votes. The division of the people is but just one (Main thing) thing they are counting on. There are always strategies that the different political parties use to try and get ahead in any election year.

For the Democrats, it seems that one of their main strategies this year is to try and divide the people. They are counting on the fact that by turning people against each other, they will be able to get more votes. This is a very dangerous strategy, and it could end up backfiring on them.

If the Democrats want to win in November, they need to focus on coming together as a country which they are refusing to do. The division will only get them so far or fourth place at best come the November midterm elections. Conversely, unified electorate Republicans stand poised to benefit from said disunity advantageous manner.

It’s the only thing the Democrats really have going for them, divide and Conquer. Going after our Law Enforcement has the number one spot at the moment. Now let’s move on to the willingness of Democratic big names. The biggest helper in dividing the people is Al Sharpton, but he’s slipped into the number 2 spot.

We’ll get to the reason I say number two spot in just a second. Going back to 2019 an article explains everything you need to know about Al Sharpton.

Al Sharpton Is Not a Civil-Rights Hero. He’s made a career of inciting violence and vomiting lies. And Democrats have cheered him on.

Imagine David Duke being a regular, esteemed guest and former honored host on Fox News Channel. Imagine every Republican presidential candidate scrambling to praise him whenever he’s in the news. Imagine David Duke being given a prime speaking slot at the Republican National Convention or President Trump welcoming him to the White House and openly soliciting his support.

Imagine Duke appearing on White House visitor logs more than 70 times during Trump’s administration.

Imagine all of this and you’ll have some idea of how the right and even, I think, the center of American political thought reacts to seeing Al Sharpton continue to be cosseted by the Democratic party and its allies in the media. Sharpton should long ago have been ruled out of bounds. Article by NR

There is now a new Al Sharpton, a much younger version that is appealing to the younger Democrats. Remember I have an article about the Conditioning and Brainwashing of their base. Meet the new Al Sharpton 2.0, Benjamin Crump.

He looks to be the next go-to for Democrats on dividing the ever-so-growing division among the people. Benjamin Crump started out as a personal injury attorney. I call them ambulance chasers. He has found his ambulance to chase (Law enforcement).

Is Benjamin Crump the next Al Sharpton? Some people are beginning to think so. Crump, who is best known for representing the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, has been making a name for himself as a passionate civil rights advocate.

And while that may be admirable, some have voiced concern that he’s becoming too outspoken – and even divisive – in his quest for justice. Is Crump following in Sharpton’s footsteps? Or is he simply using his platform to address important issues facing our country? Crump isn’t afraid to speak his mind. And that’s something we could use a lot more of these days.

The mainstream media doesn’t hesitate to keep Benjamin Crump out in front. CNN as an example can’t get enough of reporting on him. The mainstream media should also be reporting on the good deeds that our Law Enforcement Officers do. Here’s the article I want to really share with you. This should warm the heart.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office is Idaho’s largest local law enforcement agency.

Two of our patrol deputies are likely still warming up this morning after taking a swim in an ice-cold pond off Eagle Road to rescue a 51-year-old woman trapped in a sinking SUV. Paramedics took the woman to a local hospital to treat what appears to be non-life-threatening injuries. Deputies Dylan Sklar and Sean Dalrymple are both ok, or will be once they shake the cold off!

Deputy Sklar was driving to our Emergency 911 Dispatch Center on Pine Avenue at 6 a.m. when he saw the driver of a black SUV lose control after hitting a berm on the north side of Pine just past the Eagle Road intersection.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans, Bless and protect our Law Enforcement.

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