Could a War Between Isreal and Iran determine our gas prices

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Beneath a cloud of obfuscation that dominates public discourse, the probability of war between Israel and Iran is high and growing daily. In fact, a conflict would appear nearly inevitable without new American policy measures.

While simultaneously advancing its ballistic missile program, Iran has begun enriching uranium to the 60 percent level, just a short of weapons-grade. Its hardline president Ebrahim Raisi has appointed an opponent of the first nuclear deal to negotiate the second and is clearly not interested in any agreement without extracting extraordinary concessions.

Israel, on the other hand, threatened by a regime that openly and routinely calls for its destruction will not suddenly decide to live quietly with a nuclear-armed Iran. Jerusalem is willing to use military force to prevent that outcome and has dramatically increased its 2022 defense budget to fund such an eventuality.

It’s no big secret that Iran wants to Destroy the Isreal people. Things really heated up when the US killed General Qassem Soleimani in an airstrike by the Trump administration in order to protect our troops from an attack he was planning.

JERUSALEM, Israel – Iranians mourned the death of General Qassem Soleimani during his funeral procession Tuesday while massive crowds chanted “Death to Israel” and Iranian leaders hurled threats of revenge.

Iran has spent days mourning the powerful leader after he died in a United States airstrike reportedly aimed at deterring an imminent attack he was planning against US forces in the region. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told military leaders the country’s revenge must be direct, proportional, and carried out by Iranian forces themselves.

Israel could get caught in the crosshairs of a confrontation between the US and Iran. The Jewish State is a long-standing foe of the regime and some Iranian officials have accused Israel of being a “co-conspirator” in Soleimani’s death. Israeli officials are concerned Iran will target the Jewish State in its retaliation against the US by using one of its proxies in Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip. Reported 01/07/2020 by CBN

Armed conflict between Israel and Iran would have immediate and dramatic economic consequences for the United States. Despite our anticipated shift away from fossil fuels, the global economy still runs on oil, much of which is traded in a global market.

Twenty percent of the world’s oil supply passes through the Straits of Hormuz where even the threat of war would quickly increase insurance rates. Should war actually break out, a disruption of Gulf oil production and a sharp rise in American gasoline prices are very likely.

America is being tested by our Foes who would love to see us not just fail, but collapse within. Can or will the Biden administration start showing we are the world power and nothing has or will change from that fact.

Biden and his administration need to start repairing the economy. Gas prices are already out of control. Most big companies have taken advantage of the Virus, COVID-19. Food is clearly out of reach for people who are on Social Security.

Just as they did for the people by giving them food assistance while the Virus was in full swing. They need to adjust this as well, now it’s time to give just Fixed income Americans (Social security retirement, and disability) help with feeding themselves.

While the prices of everything going up as high as the sky, we’re forgetting those who need to feed themselves. As for the price of gas, I can deal with that. It’s the cost of food that really has me concerned.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans


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