Conflicted About Christianity and Politics

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 It’s no big secret by now that I’m a former Democrat. This topic has always been a delicate one for me. One of the main reasons for me changing party, Abortion. I fought with this for years as a Democrat. Should Christianity go hand and hand with politics?

Pastor Mark Cowart seems to think that Christianity and Politics do go hand and hand. I really took notice of the article and where he stood on this topic.

      Pastor Mark Cowart leads Church For All Nations, a multi-campus church based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has a deep and fervent love for the United States and serves as director of the Charis Bible College Practical Government School. Learn more about Pastor Mark at

      This is the time to be sounding the alarm in America.

   We’re in a place in this nation that I’m personally convinced—if it wasn’t for the faithfulness of God—we would be done.

We have crossed some lines as a nation and some serious things have taken place. And those things didn’t just happen randomly.

   In Hosea 8:1-3 (Good News Translation), the Lord says “Sound the alarm! Enemies are swooping down on my land like eagles! My people have broken the covenant I made with them and have rebelled against my teaching.

   Even though they call me their God and claim that they are my people and that they know me they have rejected what is good. Because of this, their enemies will pursue them.”

    I believe that’s where America is right now. The enemies of God and the enemies of the United States have swooped down on this nation. They’re now in places of authority—in elected offices. There are people who are intent on destroying this nation‘Reporting by,’

What do you believe has America been taken over by enemies of God and His authority. These people want nothing more than an abject failure like what happened in Revolutionary France centuries ago when religious minorities were executed en masse due to their beliefs.

I know this sounds dramatic but recent events show how close it could really happen; one ill-intentioned person can cause devastation to millions, rendering us extinct as a nation whose freedom was protected under our Constitution which gave all citizens equal protection under the law (or so we thought).

This is what Democrats are trying to do. They want to erase history and write their own. Democrats first called for Confederate statues to be taken down and put away. Then comes the fight to get rid of the confederate flag! They are trying to bury our history of mistakes.

What kind of history are we teaching our students? Over the last few decades, public schools have been scrubbing away at what happened before you were even born. This is not just a problem in America—it’s happening all around the world as countries strive for truth commissions and new agendas to teach their citizens how things were done differently back then because they know nowadays everything can change so quickly!

      The 1619 Project may seem like nothing more than some crazy person trying really hard but actually having wrong ideas about American History which has already been covered by other sources. However, this project isn’t innocent either; it’s partaking into a critical race theory curriculum where false facts go unchallenged.

I now believe that Christianity can go hand and hand with Government. There is just one more thing I want to share with you from the article. Paster Mark Cowart, who isn’t afraid to speak the truth also had this to say:

America is not a perfect country. But if you look at the scope of world history and what America has done, we are the greatest nation on earth and a beacon for freedom and liberty.

The way America is portrayed to our children today is nothing short of a socialist/communist/Marxist ideology attempting to remove God from society.

Socialism sets the stage for communism, communism sets up government as ‘god,’ and the true God is out – kicked out completely. That is the fall of a nation.

    All you need to do is take a look at any nation that rejected God and see the path our nation is going down. There is no country in any time period of history where socialism has worked. None! ‘Paster Mark Cowart’ Reporting by, Truth and Liberty

God Bless America, God bless the Veterans

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