DeSantis Will Get My Vote If He Runs In 2024

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There are always articles written not everyone will like. This one is no different than any other article I have written. I do have a critic who doesn’t hesitate to criticize my articles. In fact, I welcome constructive criticism. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin my article shall we?

Governor DeSantis is one of the most impressive conservatives in America. He has a record of fighting for what he believes in, no matter what the cost. When he was elected governor of Florida, many people were excited to see how he would turn the state around.

And so far, he’s been doing an amazing job! He’s already cut taxes and reduced government spending. He’s also been working on improving the economy and creating jobs. Ron DeSantis is a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party. He is young, articulate, and has a real understanding of the issues. Unlike career politicians, he isn’t afraid to shake things up and isn’t beholden to any special interests. He is exactly what the party needs if it wants to reclaim the White House in 2024.

The best thing about DeSantis is he puts his state Florida (The people) first. When he goes against the Biden administration on anything, he always puts his people first and doesn’t try to make it about himself. Of course, he is included in the solution. DeSantis also has very thick skin. When the Biden administration issues a statement about him, he doesn’t go on a warpath. He answers them back with facts and what he is willing to do. He makes it well known to Biden, that he runs Florida, not the federal government.

Then there is his wife, who one can clearly see, she stands with him. The part I really like with this couple is they have young children to not just go through everyday raising them, but they can actually relate to Americans who are doing the same. I feel very confident they would do a great job running this great nation. Casey DeSantis, who just finished Chemotherapy for breast cancer is looking really nice. Governor DeSantis has proposed increasing the state’s budget for cancer research by 60 percent, bringing the total to $100 million.

Governor DeSantis has begun grooming himself as the Trump alternative. I don’t believe he would split the votes if he decided to run in 2024. There will be many Republicans who voted for former President Trump to change their votes to DeSantis. There are those Republicans who only voted for Trump because he was what they had. Then there are those Democrats who will vote for DeSantis. The big question is if Ron DeSantis does run in 2024 and wins the nomination what will Trump do?

Will former President Trump take to the airwaves to go after DeSantis? We all know how he loves to pick a fight. The good thing is DeSantis isn’t going to engage in such childish actions. That line right there will probably get me in trouble, but I always speak the truth in my opinion(s). How do I know he will not engage in that activity? This is what you need to know about Governor Ron DeSantis:

After sitting down with the governor and interviewing more than 60 people who have worked with him, worked for him, political analysts, consultants, and strategists,

Politico writes DeSantis isn’t the “errand boy” of the former president Donald Trump that many have described him as. Rather, he is a “stubbornly independent player whose personal ambition far exceeds any loyalty to the president.”

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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