Are These Mercenaries Already in Ukraine


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According to the Daily Beast, Russian mercenaries are withdrawing from Africa and redeploying to Eastern Europe as Moscow builds up troops on the Ukrainian border. Abuja, Nigeria – The infamous Wagner Group, run by one of President Putin’s closest confidants, lured dozens of battle-hardened mercenaries from Africa to send them to Eastern Europe, the Russian Army There was a threat to Ukraine Ukraine, the Daily Beast found out. As The Daily Beast previously reported, a Wagner group called Task Force Rusich is also poised to infiltrate Ukraine. Last week, The Daily Beast reported that one of the most feared groups, Task Force Rusich, has hinted that it intends to operate covertly in Ukraine, believed to have committed crimes during separatist fighting in 2014. committed war crimes. and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

ABUJA, Nigeria—The infamous Wagner Group—run by one of President Putin’s closest associates—is pulling dozens of battle-hardened mercenaries out of Africa to send them to Eastern Europe where Russian forces are threatening Ukraine, – Philip Obaji Jr.The Daily Beast.

The Wagner Group was founded by Dmitry Utkin, a former member of Russian special forces who is now under U.S. sanctions for helping Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. The Russia-backed Wagner Group has in the past redeployed troops from war zones including Africa in accordance with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy goals. This is not the first time the Wagner group has redeployed special forces, soldiers, from Africa or other war zones in accordance with President Putin’s changing foreign policy goals, although the Kremlin has denied Wagner has ties to the Russian government.

The Wagner Group gained notoriety by supporting pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine’s armed conflict, which led to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Since then, those who have studied it describe it as a private army that can hire mercenaries for deployment in war zones or carry out more specific actions such as providing security or carrying out targeted attacks. The Wagner Group was reported to have been involved in the armed conflict in Libya.

For Amy Mackinnon, a researcher at the Washington-based Foreign Policy analysis portal, the Wagner Group is difficult to define and to anticipate the group’s operations precisely because of these characteristics.  ‘The Yucatan Times’

 Russians are likely to have been drafted from sub-Saharan Africa if Putin asked Putin to form the Wagner Group to increase instability within Ukraine. According to an officer, it was the first large evacuation of Russians since Wagner mercenaries arrived in the Central African Republic at the request of the government more than four years ago. They will be back. to where they came from. A man who was recently arrested by the Wagner group told The Daily Beast he heard the car unit he was held in the camp talk about the sudden flight of mercenary fighters, headed straight for Ukraine. It coincides with Ukrainian authorities saying that Russia is increasing its supply of arms, ammunition, and military equipment to separatist areas in Ukraine as it actively recruits mercenaries to take part in the ongoing conflict.

Have the Mercenaries entered into the war with Russia and Ukraine?  If so, where are these Mercenaries who kill for money? Are they being held back to be unleashed at the height of the urban warfare when it begins?

All we Americans do is wait and watch.

God Bless America, God bless the Veterans

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