Is it a Wakeup Call for China on How Fast and severe the Sanctions are against Russia for invading Ukraine?

Image By Officia do Palácio do Planalto – President of the People’s Republic of China

This winter, Russia moved troops from its border with China and other eastern regions to neighboring Ukraine and Belarus in preparation for an invasion. Seeing the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Chinese side issued the first evacuation notice. China withdrew its first batch of Chinese citizens from Ukraine on Feb. China has warned that Western armaments in Ukraine could fuel Russia’s war

The Chinese ambassador expressed concern over the deaths of Ukrainian civilians and thanked countries, including Russia, for helping to evacuate its citizens. China calls Russia China’s most important partner because it doesn’t condemn Ukraine’s war On Monday, China’s foreign minister called Russia Beijing’s “most important strategic partner” as Russia continued to refuse to condemn Ukraine’s war, invasion of Ukraine.

For Beijing, the speed and severity of sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and its allies is a warning sign that could affect future economic and foreign policy. At the same time, Beijing is more entrenched in the global economic environment than Russia and is not as vulnerable to sanctions as Russia — for example, in terms of sanctions. World Finance is a clear example of China’s limited ability to support Russia. China and Russia have been strengthening economic, diplomatic, and military ties for years.

BEIJING — Since taking office last year, President Joe Biden has pursued a strategy of restoring relationships with allies to put pressure on Beijing.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine nearly two weeks ago showed what those allies can do.

For China, the speed and severity with which the U.S. and its allies sanctioned Russia is a warning sign that could guide future economic and foreign policy.

Chinese officials have increased efforts to buttress their country’s self-reliance since President Donald Trump sanctioned telecommunications giant Huawei and slapped tariffs on billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods.  ‘Evelyn Cheng Beijing Correspondent CNBC’

Responding to a question about an “alliance of Western countries” ousting Russia from the SWIFT banking network, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said last week that “Beijing does not agree with the resolution on sanctions, and even more so with unilateral sanctions that do not have international legal framework”, according to a transcript of the press conference in English. Later last week, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin reaffirmed that stance in response to a question about whether Western sanctions on trade with Russia would hit China. The sanctions “only create critical difficulties for the economic system and livelihood of the united nations and further deepen division and confrontation,” said Wang Wenbin, an international ministry spokesman.  

BEIJING — Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized Beijing’s relationship with Moscow in a news conference Monday just over a week after Russia’s war on Ukraine began.

“The China-Russia relationship is valued for its independence,” Wang said. “We are determined [to keep the relationship] free from interference or discord sown by third parties.”

The foreign minister referenced the countries’ joint statement about a “new era” of international relations that followed a high-profile meeting in early February between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The statement had also said there were “no limits” or “forbidden areas” of cooperation, without mentioning Ukraine.

“It sends an unequivocal message to the world that China and Russia jointly oppose attempts to revive the Cold War mindset or provoke an ideology-based confrontation,” Wang said Monday in Mandarin, according to an official English translation. “The friendship between Chinese and Russian peoples is rock solid.”  ‘Evelyn Cheng Beijing Correspondent CNBC

As much as we Americans want to help Ukraine against the Russian President (Dictator) Vladimir Putin, we don’t want to be drawn not just into a war with Russia, but nuclear war with Russia. We all know, there are no winners in a nuclear war.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans


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