Will Syrian Mercenaries Actually Fight in Ukraine

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As his war in Ukraine enters its third week, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved on Friday the entry of volunteers from the Middle East, specifically from Syria.  Russia is recruiting Syrians and other foreign fighters as its attacks on Ukraine escalate Ukraine, the Pentagon said Monday. According to the Wall Street Journal, Russia is recruiting militants from Syria who have fought in Syrian cities for operations in Ukraine. According to the Wall Street Journal, US officials said Russia, which launched an offensive into Ukraine on Feb. 24, has been recruiting fighters from Syria in the past few days, hoping they will help take Kyiv.

In recent days, the Russians are said to have recruited supporters of the regime in the hope that their experience in urban areas would help them take Kyiv and deliver a devastating blow to Ukraine. The Syrians are reportedly experts in urban combat, and Russia intends to use them to take control of Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kyiv. The Wall Street Journal reported that some of the Syrian fighters had already been trained by the Russian government for military operations in Ukraine. It is not clear how many Syrian fighters have been recruited or if they have already been transferred to Ukraine, although a spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that some were already being trained in Russia.    Show Source Texts

Moscow is recruiting Syrians skilled in urban combat to fight in Ukraine as Russia’s invasion is poised to expand deeper into cities, according to U.S. officials.

An American assessment indicates that Russia, which has been operating inside Syria since 2015, has in recent days been recruiting fighters from there, hoping their expertise in urban combat can help take Kyiv and deal a devastating blow to the Ukraine government, according to four American officials. The move points to a potential escalation of fighting in Ukraine, experts said.

It is unclear how many fighters have been identified, but some are already in Russia preparing to enter the conflict, according to one official.

Officials declined to elaborate on what else is known about the deployment of Syrian fighters to Ukraine, the status or precise scale of the effort.  ‘Wall Street Journal’

The official told the Journal that some fighters are already in Moscow ready to join the battle in Ukraine, although it is not yet clear how many fighters have been recruited and the sources did not provide further details. Officials do not speculate about how many mercenaries joined his attack on Ukraine, nor about the quality of the fighters from Syria. Russia has reportedly deployed thousands of mercenaries to the war in Ukraine, including those from its private military company, the Wagner Group, Syrian fighters, and has frozen the contracts of all military personnel. Syrian opposition activists say that Russia has recently begun recruiting forces in Syria for the war in Ukraine, but so far estimates the scale of these efforts at much lower numbers.

Russia is recruiting Syrian fighters experienced in urban combat as it ramps up its assault on Ukraine, according to US officials quoted by the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

Moscow, which launched an invasion into its Eastern European neighbor on February 24, has in recent days recruited fighters from Syria hoping they can help take Kyiv, four US officials told the US daily.

Russia entered the Syrian civil war in 2015 on the side of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The country has been mired in a conflict marked by urban combat for more than a decade.

One official told the Journal that some fighters are already in Russia readying to join the fight in Ukraine, though it was not immediately clear how many combatants have been recruited, and the sources would not provide further detail.

Foreign fighters have already entered the Ukrainian conflict on both sides.  ‘Wall Street Journal

European allies and partners of the United States and the United States must continue to publicly and privately communicate to Russia that a conventional attack on Ukraine would lead to devastating Western sanctions, increase Russia’s political isolation from the West, and provoke an insurgency. West against Russian forces in Ukraine. The best option for him would be to continue to carry sabers, conduct diplomatic negotiations and help pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, but refrain from a conventional invasion. If his war with Ukraine continues and Russian forces get bogged down, foreign fighters will be a more attractive option.

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