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US officials believe that Russia plans to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine and install a puppet regime in its place. The grim scenario forced Joe Biden to move on to elaborate plans to punish Russia economically and expose the danger of an authoritarian government overthrowing a neighboring democracy. Expanding Russian Invasion of Ukraine Ukraine has opened a dangerous new chapter in the presidency of Joe Biden, Joe Biden, testing his commitment to defending democracy around the world and pushing him into a long-term struggle to restore European security.


Although US forces are not directly involved, the expansion of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is testing the limits of US power, and Biden’s campaign ensures he is well-positioned to lead the US on the international stage.

Russia’s expanding invasion of Ukraine has opened a new and perilous chapter in Joe Biden’s presidency, testing his aspirations to defend democracy on a global level and thrusting him into a long-term struggle to restore European security.

It’s a far different trajectory than he imagined when his administration began last year with the goals of countering China’s growing influence in the world and reinvesting at home as the United States tried to turn the page on a deadly pandemic.

Biden talked about forging a “stable and predictable” relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a description that implied America’s focus could then be directed toward other, more pressing challenges. ‘ Breitbart’

The Ukraine crisis gives Biden a chance to restore his presidency as his party faces a difficult midterm election this fall. Over the past year, President Biden has repeatedly and systematically weakened our Ukrainian ally in the face of Russian aggression to appease Putin. While former President Donald Trump praised Putin, Democrats are still touting Biden’s economic sanctions on Russia. Some Republicans even mentioned Biden doing more to help Ukraine.

This is just four days old.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is on the rise — for now — in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Biden’s State of the Union address

Multiple surveys over the past week, including a new Morning, Consult poll out Tuesday, show a modest-to-moderate uptick in voters’ views of Biden’s job performance, up from his low-water mark earlier this year.

Forty-five percent of registered voters surveyed in the Morning Consult poll approve of the job Biden is doing, up 4 points over the past week. But a narrow majority, 51 percent, still disapproves of Biden’s job performance.  ‘Politico’

Democrats said they hope the message they honed in last week’s political meetings will help address some of their biggest challenges ahead of the November midterms, the November midterms. Democrats admit they face huge challenges. Now the Democrats are also trying to boost sales of Biden’s first-year party results, a task some party strategists say they haven’t done aggressively enough before. Celebration strategists tout Biden’s vast infrastructure and pandemic relief legal advice in more detail and mention Ukraine and Russia to bolster their argument that the celebration prioritized U.S. financial activity and security.

President Biden and his party have moved in recent days to reorient their election-year pitch to voters around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — seeking to shift blame for struggles to tame rising prices onto Vladimir Putin and promoting the White House strategy to punish the Kremlin as a muscular response to a geopolitical threat.

Democrats said they hope the message, which they honed in political meetings over the past week, will help address some of their biggest liabilities ahead of the November midterm elections. Chief among them are Biden’s low approval ratings and a widespread perception that Democrats are at fault for a sharp increase in inflation.  ‘Washington Post

What are Republicans in Congress doing to combat this? If their message isn’t good enough we’re toast in the mid-terms. If voting Republicans don’t come out and vote, well, then the outcome will be the same as is if the message isn’t good enough, we’re toast.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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