It doesn’t look like Putin will hang his flag over Ukraine

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Almost all of Russia’s progress in Ukraine has stalled, a senior U.S. Department of Defense official said Monday, in part because of “creative” attacks by Ukrainians that are limiting the Kremlin’s ability to resupply. The official said that all Russian military forces that were deployed around Ukraine are now inside and that the Russian military still retains about 90% of its combat capabilities.

According to the official, Russian troops were still about 9 miles from the center of this city. , air warnings were issued in cities and towns across the country, from the nearby Russian border in the east to the Carpathians in the west, as fighting continued on the outskirts of Kyiv. According to a senior US Department of Defense official, Russian forces, including a convoy, are approaching Kyiv from the north, about 9 miles from the city center. Russian forces continue to fight to capture the city of Chernihiv and secure the long landlines from Sumy, still held by the Ukrainians, to eastern Kyiv.

Due to fierce resistance from the Ukrainian military, poor logistical planning, and difficulty in securing support, the Russian military has made far less progress in Ukraine than initially thought. Western officials say Russian troops have made little headway on the ground in recent days, with casualties and Ukrainian resistance clearly exceeding Russia’s expectations.

Nearly all Russian advances in Ukraine remain stalled due in part to “creative” strikes from the Ukrainians limiting the ability of Kremlin forces to resupply, a senior U.S. defense official said Monday. The Ukrainians “have effectively struck at the Russian logistics and sustainment capabilities,” the official told reporters.

“As we’ve said all along, they’ve been quite creative here. They’re not simply going after combat capability – tanks and armored vehicles and shooting down aircraft. Although they’re doing all that, they are also deliberately trying to impede and prevent the Russians’ ability to sustain themselves.”

The official also said “almost all of Russia’s advances remain stalled” on the ground in Ukraine, with forces moving toward Kyiv showing no “appreciable change in their progress over the weekend.”   ‘Reporting by MSN’

Ukrainian authorities also said two people were killed and seven were injured in a Russian attack on an aircraft factory in Kyiv, and two people were killed in the Obolensky district in northern Kyiv as a result of artillery fire. Konashenkov’s statement comes hours after Ukrainian authorities said two people had died when the Russian military struck an Antonov aircraft factory on the outskirts of Kyiv, causing a major fire.

A senior Pentagon official said three Russian armies and troops were moving rapidly towards Ukrainian cities: one headed south from Belarus to YIV; another headed towards Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine; and a third headed south to Kherson , near Crimea. Russia has fired more than 900 missiles at Ukrainian targets since the Russian invasion began, and the attacks are becoming more indiscriminate, the official said. According to a senior NATO official, the number of Russian military flights and airstrikes in the country has decreased significantly in recent days, a possible sign that Ukraine’s air defenses are still effective in shooting down enemy planes.

The United Nations said it did not believe the breakdown of the Ukraine-Russia conflict would have “serious implications” for security, as Moscow’s army ramped up city bombing in response to what appeared to be stronger Ukrainian resistance and a worse-than-expected Russian conflict. The impact may be further exacerbated. loss. British Defence Minister Ben Wallace echoed comments made by the CIA chief a day earlier, saying the Russian attack on Kyiv would become “more brutal and indiscriminate” as Putin tried to gain momentum. The British Ministry of Defence said fighting continued in northwest Kyiv.

Russia has now launched nearly 670 missiles since it began its attack on Ukraine 13 days ago, a senior U.S. defense official said Tuesday. 

Nearly half of the missiles have been fired from Russia, while the others have largely come from inside Ukraine. In addition, more than 70 of the launches have come from Belarus, and about half a dozen have come from the Black Sea, the official told reporters. 

“Very little of the nation of Ukraine is not covered by some sort of Russian surface-to-air missile capability, and they also are conducting offensive airstrikes through missiles launched by aircraft as well as by mobile launchers,” the official said. “It’s a very congested airspace.”   ‘March 8 reporting by The Hill’

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