As hard as Putin tries, He can’t stop the media

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Russian and Ukrainian authorities must ensure that members of the press can safely and freely report on the war in Ukraine, and Russian forces must refrain from attacking journalists, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Wednesday. The IPI Global Network today denounces attempts by Russian authorities to censor independent media reports of the Ukraine invasion of Ukraine and the multiple detentions of national and international journalists covering anti-war protests across the country last night.

The Russian communications regulator has ordered Russian media outlets to remove false information about Russia’s ongoing attack on Ukraine or risk being blocked and fined. In a statement on Saturday, Russia’s communications regulator accused several independent media outlets of spreading false information.

Russia’s communications regulator has ordered media outlets in the country to remove reports describing the continuing attack on Ukraine as an “assault, invasion, or declaration of war” – or face being blocked and fined.

In a statement on Saturday, Roskomnadzor accused several independent media outlets of spreading “unreliable socially significant untrue information” about the shelling of Ukrainian cities by the Russian army and civilian deaths.  ‘Reporting by aljazeera’

Hours after the invasion of Ukraine began Russia’s government-controlled communications and media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, issued a shocking statement warning that media outlets were “obliged” to publish only verified accounts of the conflict from “official Russian sources” data and information. Russia’s media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, has become the “Ministry of Truth,” as the independent coalition of journalists and media professionals boldly underlines.  Yesterday, Russia’s media regulator blocked coverage of the war by at least six online media outlets: Current Time, an online TV channel run by Prague-based ABC Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), Krym Realii, The RFE/RL office in Rima, the opposition publication Novoe Vremya, the student newspaper Doksa, the Russian version of the Interfax-Ukrainian news agency, and the Ukrainian pro-government news website Gordon.   

Russia’s media regulator, Roskomnadzor, has become a “Ministry of Truth,” as the independent Journalists and Media Workers Union courageously pointed out. The words “war,” “attack” and “invasion” are now banned from the media.

Only information from “official Russian sources” – the defense ministry – is now permitted. Information about military losses or troop morale had already been classified since October. Any attempt to provide such coverage is liable to result in prosecution or inclusion on the “foreign agents” list.   ‘Reporting by’

Vladimir Putin’s troops have started targetting journalists. This man knows no boundaries. If it were not for the brave journalists who are covering this war we might have never known how Putin was conducting the invasion of Ukraine. We may hear about it, but nothing speaks louder than an actual Video of the journalists covering the war. One Journalist has been killed, Brent Renaud.

An award-winning journalist who was a former New York Times contributor has been killed by Russian forces near Kyiv, the region’s head of police said Sunday.

Brent Renaud, 51, a video journalist who has also reported for NBC, Vice News, and HBO, was fatally shot in the neck when Russian troops opened fire on a car near the Romanivsky Bridge in the Ukraine town of Irpin, police and a witness said.

“The occupants … kill even journalists of the international media who try to show the truth about the inaction of Russian troops in Ukraine,” Kyiv Chief of Police Andrey Nebitov wrote on Facebook.

“Of course, the profession of a journalist is a risk, but US citizen Brent Renaud paid his life for trying to highlight the aggressor’s ingenuity, cruelty, and ruthlessness.”   ‘Reporting by NYpost’

Today another Journalists was injured. They haven’t said what his injuries are, but he has been hospitalized. All of this comes as he asked China’s leader XI to help with the invasion of Ukraine. (That’s another article) I really don’t think XI wants to get involved. Now this is what you call ‘Stuck between a rock and a hard spot”

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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