Has Putin opened himself up to the world by showing a weak military ground force?


image by Darren Livingston – Central Intelligence Agency, General Petraeus Wikimedia

Petraeus praised the actions of the Biden administration and its allies in recent weeks, noting that Russian President Vladimir Putin, instead of making the Russian occupiers great again, made NATO great again. Reassuring is Petraeus, who believes that the actions of the United States and its allies around the world in relation to Ukraine have shown that the United States is a reliable partner, not a great power in decline.

Given the understandable efforts of NATO leaders to avoid an expansion of the war in Ukraine, the attack on a training base outside the Ukrainian capital Kyiv is clearly raising crimson flags, and Petraeus is confident that NATO leaders have consulted.

I am not suggesting that the Russian military can act, and take into account that there is a huge limiting problem, namely the apparent inability of Russian President Vladimir Putin to exchange forces with which they are now at war.

Peter Bergen doesn’t think the Russian army could do that, and keep in mind that there is a huge limiting factor, which is Putin’s apparent inability to replace the forces that are now at war. Retired General David Petraeus has warned that as Russian President Vladimir Putin grows more frustrated with stopping the advance of Russian troops, it will result in Russian troops “doing more than we’ve seen in the past 48 hours.”, and increase the severity of their attacks with more destructive weapons aimed at government facilities and infrastructures such as hospitals and schools.

Given China’s recent provocation by the Baltic states and frequent talk of NATO’s military assets in the region, it makes sense to step up efforts to deter Russian military threats to all NATO members. Fortunately, the United States has many resources at its disposal as the United States prepares to respond to threats to these interests beyond even today’s military. Over the years, we have noticed that the Soviet system, and now the Russian system, has lacked one of the many key advantages of American and Western militaries, a reliable and skilled corps of non-commissioned officers.

In distinction, the Russian invaders have displayed a number of weaknesses: flawed planning; overly optimistic intelligence projections about how the battle would play out; underestimation of the Ukrainian forces and other people; insufficient upkeep and logistics; unimpressive gear; a reliance on conscripts and a lack of ability to mount efficient cyberwarfare.

Nonetheless, he additionally notes that the Russians have a huge capability for — and historical past of — destroying cities, civilian services, and significant infrastructure, and they’re going to “rubble” city areas in an effort to take management.     ‘Reported 03/15/2022 by tellusdaily.com’

Petraeus doubts that the Russian occupiers have enough power to control Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and some other major cities, let alone control them, and says further urban warfare is usually in the Ukrainian’s favor. Petraeus predicts that the likely short-term consequence of the conflict will be continued bloodshed by the Russian occupiers, which is largely uncertain, even as it leads to a growing loss of lives, infrastructure, and basic services for the Ukrainian people.

They seem to have suffered more casualties in the first two weeks of the conflict than the US has suffered in Iraq in 20 years; according to most reports, around 5,000 or so, which is amazing. Ukrainians will work together to prevent Russian invaders from occupying urban areas, as infantry and combined weapons often do, such as how U.S. forces destroyed cities such as Ramadi and Fallujah during the Iraq War, as well as Baghdad and parts of Baghdad and other cities. City. If much of what the Biden administration says about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans and goals for Ukraine is initially dismissed or deemed unlikely, you’ll be able to dismiss the Biden administration’s claim that it works.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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