President Joe Biden – A Test of Courage

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Should the United States explain to Russian President Vladimir Putin that we will not send ground troops into Ukraine unless Russia attacks our forces and that our aircraft will not fire at the retreating Russian army and will only respond if attacked? First, in order to stop the bombing of civilian targets, as well as to establish air superiority over Ukraine and demand the immediate departure of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as described above, the US must also massively increase the flow of weapons, materials, and information. It is useful for Ukrainians to give them every possible advantage on the field.

We have seen the brutal reality of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. We have watched Russian troops target civilians and massacre families. We’ve also witnessed the heroism of the Ukrainian military and its people as they bravely push back, defending their nation and their freedom.

Unfortunately, the situation is likely to get significantly worse as Russian military failures force Putin to double down on targeting civilians, and his stretched supply lines result in a long-term siege of Kyiv. Enough is enough. The time has come for the United States and our allies to act.

We recommend Plan B: Taking back the initiative. We should tell Putin to stop the senseless killing of the Ukrainian people and to pull his forces out of Ukraine immediately. We should make clear that, while we don’t want a war, we no longer can stand by and watch him kill innocent civilians.

We should deploy the U.S. Air Force — and hopefully those of our allies — over Ukraine to stop the killing and enforce Russia’s withdrawal by establishing a no-fly zone. We should explain to Putin that we will not put ground troops into Ukraine unless Russia attacks our forces and that our aircraft will not fire on the Russian military while it withdraws and will respond only if attacked.        ‘By Gen.(Ret.) Keith and Jamil N. Jaffer, Opinion Contributors’

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has said Russia will achieve its goals in Ukraine and will not give in to what he says is the West’s attempt to dominate the world. Vladimir Putin will take half or two-thirds of Ukraine and we will stop and accept everything on the battlefield then he thinks we will go to sleep again and then in five years he will take the rest of Ukraine.

Forget trillions of dollars in new spending, trillions of dollars in benefits and rights, forget about new restrictions on oil and gas and rising gas and energy prices, which according to the left are Vladimir Putin’s Wrong, because Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine 19 days ago. On Monday, a Kremlin spokesman said his war in Ukraine was “going according to plan,” although a close ally of Putin said things were not going the way he had hoped.  

China has been careful not to blame Russia for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, instead claiming that the United States and NATO triggered the crisis with their Cold War mentality. The Ukrainian war proved that this focus is an illusion as China considers military and economic aid to Russia.

If Western allies supply Ukraine with planes and long-range missile defenses, which Ukraine must push back against Russia — and if they do now — they will help convince Chinese President Xi Jinping that he supports a failed cause. The China factor is another key reason why a Biden administration should stop talking about helping Ukraine and preventing Russian missile and aircraft attacks.

Is Biden ready to put up? China is watching our response, and they aren’t impressed. They have already made their nuclear threat. We are already giving them weapons to try and control the sky’s so why not either declare a no-fly zone or give them the jets to fight with. Let’s see how much courage the Biden administration has, if any.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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