If Putin Uses Chemical Weapons, there will be a “Significant Reaction”. What?

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Vladimir Putin and his military invaded Ukraine over three weeks ago. The Ukrainians are fighting an army, heavy artillery, and missiles, and still, they stand. They have held off an entire Army. They receive only weapons of war from the US and its allies, but it isn’t enough.

Ukrainians prove to be resilient in fighting and holding Putin and his military off.  President Zelenskyy has continued to ask for a no-fly zone. The excuse, the United States Of America doesn’t want to start world war three. Is this type of threat the new norm? All Putin had to do was threaten us with a nuclear missile.

If he succeeds in doing what he wants with a threat, then what’s to stop him from continuing to attack other countries? The Ukrainians have him up against a wall this time in history, but the US and its allies are worried he might use chemical warfare on the Ukrainian armed forces and its citizens. Now the language has changed to try and sound really, really serious…

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said CBS’s “Face the Nation” Mo on Sunday that there would be a “serious reaction” if Russia used chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine. Washington. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned on Sunday that a Russian attack on Ukraine with chemical or biological weapons would provoke a “big reaction” from the United States and its allies and partners around the world.

The White House said last week that Russia could escalate its invasion of Ukraine by using such weapons, or saying that Ukraine used chemical or biological weapons in a false flag attack as a pretext for further violence.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the U.S. expects continued Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilians due to the stalled Russian campaign and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempt to restore momentum. Austin said the US expects Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilians to continue due to Russia’s offensive and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempt to restore momentum.

Outside of other major cities, Russia’s advance has largely stalled. However, the concern is growing among Ukrainian and US officials that Russia could use chemical or biological weapons in the ongoing war. Meanwhile, Russian officials have accused the United States of working on secret chemical and biological programs in Ukraine. The White House dismissed the claim as absurd and part of a Russian ploy to justify its attack on Ukraine.

National Poison Prevention Week Hopes to Prevent Unintentional Deaths National Poison Prevention Week is held every year in the third week of March. It focuses on the dangers of poisoning and promotes community engagement in poisoning prevention.   ‘Reporting by nationaltoday.com’

I just thought I would throw that in. We have to worry about accidental poisoning by a product we sell. The Ukrainians have to worry about war chemicals that may be used against them by Vladimir Putin. The US threatens Putin with a swift and “Serious Reaction” if he uses chemical bombs. Really!!

So let’s see, targeting civilians, journalists, Bombarding, and destroying city buildings to nothing but rubble that may still have bodies in them, doesn’t count or come in line with the  “Serious Reaction” Language?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiyy has accused Russia of carrying out genocide after Ukrainian officials said Russian aircraft bombed a children’s hospital on Wednesday, killing three people, including a child.

Russia calls its actions in Ukraine a “special operation” and has said its forces do not fire on civilian targets. On Thursday, it shifted its stance over the bombing of the hospital in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, with a mix of statements that veered between aggressive denials and a call by the Kremlin to establish clear facts.   ‘Reporting by usnews.com’

What language do they use to try and stop Putin? We tried sanctions that didn’t stop him from targeting the Ukrainian civilians. I myself am sick and tired of this politically correct speech all politicians use. Ukraine has proven to fight like an American would if, God forbid if a country attacked us. They need to speak clearly as we would.

Biden needs to grow a set and stand up to Putin’s threat of a nuclear war. He knows he would not survive to run something that would be in ruins. The only language he knows and understands is POWER. The United States is the most powerful country in the world. The Biden administration needs to act like it.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans and Ukrainians


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