Daily Prayers

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Deacon Brent Bourgeois
“Peace be with you and Good Morning!” Today I ask that you join me as I offer my Morning Prayer for children of Broken Homes! Dear Lord on the the Solemnity for Annunciation of the Lord hear our prayers for the broken families. May we witness to the Holy Family as they held together Through the trials of life, help these children to know Your love!  May God’s holy Mother intercede for us. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us!
May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil and bring us to everlasting life.
— Amen.

I was ordained a Deacon for the Houma Thibodaux Diocese in 2006, have worked as a Hospice Chaplain since 2009. I have been married since 1978, Have four children and five grandchildren. Before joining up with Hospice I was a pipe welder for an oil field service company.

My conversion came about later in life, I like to say I made my Confirmation in eighth grade and didn’t start to live it until I was 30. The prayers I post are for what I call “Praying with a purpose”. Most people say they feel like their prayers are just words at times, so I challenge them to pray with a purpose.