The Smell of War, the Screams, Bodies of the Innocent lying in the Streets

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We here in the United States haven’t seen war on our homeland since World War II with Japan. America vowed that day to never again to let war come here; we would take the war to the enemy. President Zelenskyy wants to do just that against Russia. Although the Ukrainians are holding their own against an entire Russian army their biggest test comes when the Russians are finally in place to the east of Ukraine in the city of Donbas.

Russia is likely to launch a new offensive in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region in the next few weeks, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday, adding that allies had time to help prepare the Ukrainian military.

Speaking a day before NATO foreign ministers gather in Brussels to discuss more financial, military, and humanitarian support for Ukraine, Stoltenberg said Russia was planning a “very concentrated” offensive.

We now see a significant movement of (Russian) troops away from Kyiv to regroup, re-arm and re-supply and shift their focus to the east,” Stoltenberg told a news conference.

In the coming weeks, we expect a further Russian push in eastern and southern Ukraine to try to take the entire Donbas and to create a land bridge to occupied Crimea,” he said before Wednesday’s meeting of NATO foreign ministers.”

People die on both sides in a war. The carnage of war always weighs heavy on the heart of soldiers on both sides. The streets where the fighting took place are littered with bodies of soldiers and civilians. President Zelenskyy warned the Russian army that their losses would be heavy if they continued with their invasion of Ukraine. Zelenskyy was and still is true to his words. The Russians have suffered serious losses against the Ukrainian army.

It’s almost a state secret,” said a Russian military commentator who asked not to be quoted by name to discuss the issue. “We don’t know exactly [how many people have died] … at the given moment, it’s better to discuss other questions.”

Russian news outlets continuing to operate inside the country have largely stopped reporting on the death toll from the war, as censors have forbidden any discussion that calls the conflict a “war” or “invasion”.

But on Monday, the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda, which frequently posts pro-Kremlin news reports, published a bombshell buried deep in a news story about the war: “According to Russian defense ministry data … 9,861 Russian soldiers had been killed in action and another 16,153 had been wounded.”   “


Vladimir Putin stands alone in the world now. Something drives him to seek superiority over the Ukrainians. This has not only the world paying attention, but it has united our NATO allies to get ready in case he doesn’t stop there. He has shown he doesn’t care how he gets what he wants. He has gone as far as telling his army to target not just journalists but to target Ukrainian civilians.

After five weeks of fighting, Russia withdrew the forces threatening the Ukrainian capital from the north. Ukraine’s interior minister has warned Russia that Vladimir Putin should “go to hell” while visiting a city near Kyiv where Russian troops are accused of killing hundreds of civilians. Ukraine’s interior minister said more criminal experts are needed, as well as a DNA lab, to help with the ever-expanding investigation.

About 300 residents had been killed on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital during a month-long occupation by the Russian army, authorities said, with the streets littered with corpses.

Locals said the dead in Bucha were civilians killed by departing Russian soldiers without provocation. Anti-tank mines were scattered across a bridge in Bucha.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned residents that Russian forces were creating a “catastrophic” situation for civilians by leaving mines around homes, abandoned equipment, and even corpses.   “


When the conflict finally starts, will Ukraine be able to hold off the Russian army from taking the city of Donbas? Will the US and its allies finally do something about this invasion of a free Country or will they stand by while the Ukrainians lose Donbas? All we can do is sit and wait. I suggest we pray for both sides, the losses will be great.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans


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