More Russians Consider Costs Of War In Ukraine As Casualties Mount

By Ministry of Digital Development of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov

The Russian people will eventually see the war for what it is. The Ukraine invasion by Vladimir Putin wasn’t because of any threat to him, but this war is personal to him. He may even be going through an age crisis. Putin is running up on being 70 years old. Whatever the reason we know it isn’t a war that should be going on. The Russian people are not our enemy. Their leader Vladimir Putin is the threat and enemy of the United States and its allies. As I stated in a different article that in a war both sides lose people.

People die on both sides in a war. The carnage of war always weighs heavy on the heart of soldiers on both sides. The streets where the fighting took place are littered with bodies of soldiers and civilians.

President Zelenskyy warned the Russian army that their losses would be heavy if they continued with their invasion of Ukraine. Zelenskyy was and still is true to his words. The Russians have suffered serious losses against the Ukrainian army.   “

There are a lot of Russians who are blaming the United States for the war and casualties of the Ukraine invasion. Some of them are saying if we wouldn’t arm Ukrainians with weapons they wouldn’t be losing any troops. Putin has managed so far to keep the truth from them. Please take the time to view these links. They will show we are all human beings.

Six weeks after President Vladimir V. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, many Russians remain in the dark about the depth of their country’s losses — and about the carnage and brutal atrocities that their military is inflicting as it retreats in the North.

But increasingly, the reality of war is intruding in the lives of regular families when death notices and black body bags arrive, causing some, like Mr. Kononov, to question the war. For others, though, the grim news of casualties is only hardening a determination to defeat Ukraine and support Mr. Putin’s conflict with the West.

“If America didn’t supply weapons to the Ukrainian Nazis, then there would be no deaths of our young guys,” Aleksandr Chernykh, who lost his 22-year-old son, Luka Chernykh, a corporal in military intelligence, said in a phone interview. “My personal opinion is we should just whack America with a nuclear bomb and that’s it so that they stop getting involved in other countries’ business.”   “

The Russian losses are far greater than Vladimir Putin is letting on. His propaganda machine is running and running well. He has most Russians blaming us for the war. The United States is putting the truth out there and yet, some Russian people are still blaming us. Putin is even having trouble replacing soldiers who were lost. America is trying to keep up with the Russian army loses as best as possible.

Russian forces in Ukraine have suffered far more casualties than Russia expected, analysts say. Western officials say at least three Russian generals have been killed by Ukrainian forces since the start of the war.

Some estimates put the number of Russian troops killed in Ukraine at around 3,000, while others suggest that more than 10,000 were killed. Ukrainian authorities say more than 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the war, and a senior NATO official last week estimated between 8,000 and 15,000 dead.  “

Now the world looks on as Putin stands accused of war crimes. I don’t see it bothering him that he will eventually be wanted for, and charged with war crimes. Once it is proved he committed war crimes, will the US and its allies help the Ukrainians, or will we stand by and watch another Hitler rise. The reason I say another Hitler rising is this: He has a taste for Ukrainian blood. We saw what happened when we turned a blind eye to Germany while fighting Japan. War crimes are war crimes and if proven, America needs to act.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine constitutes the crime of aggression under international law. The primary charge against senior leaders of Nazi Germany at the Nuremberg trials and Japan at the Tokyo war crimes trials was “crimes against the peace,” meaning the initiation of a war of aggression. These trials resulted in the conviction of three dozen perpetrators for aggression. The 1945 United Nations Charter further embedded the illegality of aggressive war (as opposed to defensive war) in international law

Because they fall under the overarching crime of aggression, all uses of armed force by Russia on Ukrainian territory can be viewed as illegal. Moreover, the Russian military continues to commit various atrocity crimes, a category which includes war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

The unprecedented media coverage of Russia’s invasion has recorded the commission of war crimes in real-time. The Russian military has targeted civilian infrastructure including apartment buildings, hospitals, factories, stores, churches, schools, and cultural sites. Even where a military target exists, using disproportionate force while knowing that the strike will likely cause death or injury to civilians or damage to civilian structures is a war crime.   “


God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans




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