The Russian Military Has a New Butcher Commanding Them


Army General Dvornikov in 2021, Wikimedia

Putin has put a new General in command of his military that led the forces in Syria. He is known to target civilians without any remorse. General Alexander Dvornikov has been put into command by Putin to head the invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military readies itself for the onslaught of the Russian military on the city of Donbas. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned the world that the fighting in the east of Ukraine for the City of Dundas will be worse than World War II.

We have history to remind us of what happened in War World II. Hitler put Generals in charge of his military that would carry out the extermination of the Jews. The World came together to stop Hitler. The world witnessed genocide in World War II with Germany. We witnessed the slaughter of the peaceful Jewish people. Will history record Putin as the new Hitler of our time?

National security advisor Jake Sullivan said U.S. intelligence discovered that “there was a plan from the highest levels of the Russian government to target” civilians in Ukraine.

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Sullivan told host Jon Karl that the “horrifying” images of mass casualties in Ukraine were “downright shocking,” but they were “not surprising.” He said U.S. intelligence presented the information before the war began.

“We, in fact, before the war began, declassified intelligence and presented it indicating that there was a plan from the highest levels of the Russian government to target civilians who oppose the invasion, to cause violence against them,” he said. “To organize efforts to brutalize them in order to try to terrorize the population and subjugate it.  “

Russian General Alexander Dvornikov is well known for his role in the Syrian war. He led a brutal assault against civilians in Syria. He has within himself the ability to not care about innocent victims. He was as brutal as Hitler’s generals that were in charge of the extermination of the Jews. General Alexander Dvornikov is known as an old school military Russian willing to do what he is told.

The Russian general appointed by Vladimir Putin to lead efforts to reboot the invasion of Ukraine played a prominent role in the Syrian war, where forces under his command were responsible for widespread abuses against the civilian population and were frequently accused of committing crimes against humanity.

Gen Aleksandr Dvornikov, 60, has been described as an “old school” general and a “blood and soil nationalist”, trained in Soviet military doctrines that view obliterating civilian targets as a means of gaining battlefield momentum.

A career military officer, he has risen steadily through the ranks since starting as a platoon commander in 1982. He fought during the second war in Chechnya and took several top positions before being placed in charge of the Russian troops in Syria.

Dvornikov was dispatched by Putin in September 2015 on an urgent mission to stabilize the position of the Syrian regime forces, who Tehran and Moscow believed were on the brink of falling to the opposition.

The decision to establish new battlefield leadership in Ukraine comes as Russia gears up for what is expected to be a large and more focused push to expand Russian control in the Donbas region, and follows a failed opening attempt to conquer Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.     “

Putin thus far has proven he will stop at nothing to try and take Ukraine. How long the Ukrainian military can hold the Russian army at bay depends on the weapons they have. It has nothing to do with them standing and fighting. We have seen they have the ability to come together as one and fight like hell.

I believe the weapons they are receiving from the US and its allies are just the ones they want Putin to know about. The question remains, how long before the US and its allies put an end to this genocide that Putin is carrying out against the Ukrainian people?

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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