N.Y. Lt. Governor Resigns After Being Indicted in Campaign Finance Scheme


Image by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York

What? N.Y. Lt. Governor resigned after being indicted in a campaign finance scheme? I have been writing so much about the Ukraine war with Russia I’ve neglected the politics going on right here at home. This kind of shook me and said, “Hey Mike, look, a dirty Democrat.” Imagine that a dirty Democrat is exposed.

Brian Benjamin resigned hours after he was indicted on federal charges Tuesday for his alleged role in a campaign finance fraud scheme, with prosecutors saying he tried to use his powers as a state legislator to channel funded state grants to a non-profit organization in exchange for contributions to his failed campaign for the New York City controller.

Kathy Hochul, seven months after choosing Brian Benjamin as her partner, to start over in an office already rocked by scandal. Benjamin, a Democrat, resigned Tuesday night, Hochul said. In the indictment, he was charged with participating in a plan to solicit campaign donations from a property developer.

In exchange for Benjamins’ deal to use his influence as a state senator to secure a $50,000 grant from public funds. -commercial organization. Facing charges including corruption, fraud, conspiracy and forgery, Benjamin pleaded not guilty on Tuesday.

New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin resigned Tuesday hours after he was indicted on federal charges for his alleged role in a campaign finance fraud scheme on Tuesday, with prosecutors saying he sought to use his authority as a state lawmaker to steer a state-funded grant to a nonprofit organization in exchange for campaign contributions to his failed campaign for New York City comptroller.

“While the legal process plays out, it is clear to both of us that he cannot continue to serve as lieutenant governor,” she said in a statement. “New Yorkers deserve absolute confidence in their government, and I will continue working every day to deliver for them.”

A prominent New York Democrat said that it is too late for Benjamin to withdraw from his nomination for lieutenant governor for the upcoming election and the party is exploring other options. The only ways to remove someone from the ballot are to nominate them for another office or if the person moves out of the state or dies.    “cbsnews.com

Governor Kathy Hochul, who just wrapped up contentious budget talks in Albany, will now be scrutinized in the scrutiny process that ultimately led to her decision to promote Benjamin, who finished fourth in the 2021 New York City comptroller Democratic primary, prosecutors now claim He was at the top of the campaign seeking and receiving illegal donations. Benjamin was also accused of lying about a background check following Hochul’s decision to appoint him as her deputy.

When will the corruption stop? Don’t be fooled, it is never going to stop. The corruption starts at the top with Joe Biden. The Democrats will stop at nothing to get what they want. They want to control the Government. They will keep trying to introduce socialism. As this one case (with many more) just starts in the media will be put on the shelf by the mainstream media.

Republicans have the chance to take the Senate and The House of Representatives. The solution is to VOTE. It’s time for the Republicans to clean house (Pun Intended) and take back the power from Democrats. One way to get the word out to vote is to share these posts with friends who can share them as well. There are Democrats out there on the fence with changing parties. Let’s pull them in as I was pulled in, with the truth.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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