The F-35 was ‘designed precisely’ to fight and win in the kind of war happening in Ukraine, former test pilot says

photo by Master Sgt. Donald R. Allen

Ukraine is about to face the hardest battle of the war against Russia. Putin is driven to conquer Ukraine at any cost.

I really don’t understand why President Biden wouldn’t give President Zelenskyy what he asked for at the start of the war. Biden refused to give him a no-fly zone over the skies of Ukraine.

I look back at the beginning of the Russian invasion, and I do understand he didn’t want to push Putin over the edge. Now, Biden has gotten closer to giving Zelenskyy what he asked for. Biden has decided to send heavy arms that can do much more damage to the Russian army.

The United States said that Ukraine would be given long-range missile defense and Switchblade armed drones, enabling Kyiv’s forces to better defend against Russian aircraft and armor from a distance. The new arms and equipment that President Joe Biden announced for Ukraine includes:

– S-300 long-range missile defense –

Ukraine has had the ability to shoot down Russian aircraft and cruise missiles at relatively close quarters. Washington is arranging for it to acquire systems that can strike attacking aircraft much further away.

According to a military source, the systems are the Soviet/Russian-made S-300, which like the US-made Patriot system, is a fully automated, ground-based radar-and-missile launcher unit that can detect, track and fire at multiple incoming aerial threats at long distances.    “

The United States is the most powerful country on earth. The US is supposed to lead as an example of a civilized nation. Biden has called Vladimir Putin a war criminal, and also accused him of genocide. The world said no more after World War II. Yet, the US and its allies world or watching Putin do just that. Even though Putin has threatened the US and NATO for supplying weapons to the Ukrainians we and our NATO allies continue to arm Ukraine. I believe his threats are just that, threats.

The United States has a fighter jet designed just for that kind of fighting. The F-35 can easily penetrate enemy territory and take out air defences, and would in no doubt devistate Putin’s military on the ground moving to try and take Eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian airforce has no idea hoa to fly these fighter jets (F-35) but there is another alturnative, do a no fly-zone over Ukraine. The United States knows the importance of air suppereority. The F-35 is the go to fighter jet.

As the war in Ukraine approaches its third month, neither Russia nor Ukraine have been able to dominate the air, as both still have operational surface-to-air missile batteries and aircraft.

This makes the war in Ukraine unique among recent conflicts, and it provides useful lessons about how modern airframes would operate in contested airspace.

In an interview with The Aviationist on April 7, Billie Flynn, a former Canadian lieutenant colonel and senior F-35 test pilot for Lockheed Martin, highlighted the role that the F-35 could play in similar conditions.   “

“The F-35 was designed precisely for an environment that we are seeing in Ukraine now,” Flynn said.   “

The Ukrainian Air Force vastly outnumbers its own military in terms of numbers and firepower, and the Ukrainian Air Force itself is still flying and its air defenses are still considered operational, which confuses military experts.

Although Moscow has performed worse, its army has so far exceeded all expectations. Experts say Ukraine’s ability to continue flying air force aircraft is a clear demonstration of Ukraine’s resilience in the face of attack and is a moral boost for both its own armed forces and the Ukrainian people.

Instead, Ukrainian Air Force fighters are still conducting low-altitude counterattacks and defensive sorties against ground targets. The Ukrainian military has proven their resilence. They are mastly out numbered against the Russian forces. Do I want war? No of course not, I just want the United States and its allies to follow through with it’s “No More” Policy. They need to say No more to the attack on Ukraine.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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