Documents Appear to Show Plans for Ukraine

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Russian military documents appear to confirm previous assessments by Western officials that Putin planned, but failed, to quickly take over the whole of Ukraine. Ukrainian officials say they have found Russian military documents showing a previous plan to take over and occupy the whole of Ukraine.


Ukrainian officials said on Tuesday they had discovered Russian military documents that pointed to a plan to take full control of Ukraine. The head of Ukraine’s state investigation service said in a telegram message on Wednesday that the fleeing Russian soldiers had left behind Russian military documents.

Oleksiy Sukhachev, director of the Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation, said on Wednesday that officials found “important” documents in Trostianets, a city located in the northeast of Ukraine’s Sumy region, Ukraine.

Documents Ukrainian authorities say were unearthed during an investigation into Trostianets, a city in northeastern Ukraine occupied by Russian forces for a month during the war, suggest that while Russia is currently focusing its attacks on the Donbas in eastern Ukraine, in eastern Ukraine the President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s ambitions extend far beyond the East.

Oleksii Sukhachov, director of the Ukrainian State Investigation Bureau, said on Wednesday that officials had discovered the “important” documents in Trostianets, a city located in Ukraine’s northeastern Sumy region.

The documents allegedly indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s so-called “special military operation” into Ukraine, which he initially claimed was intended to “liberate” the country from “Nazis,” at one point included plans for a complete takeover.

The documents were found alongside personal possessions of Russian soldiers during an inspection of what was said to be over 2,000 hectares—or more than 7 square miles—of destroyed city, according to the bureau. Investigators from the bureau surveyed 322 “intentionally damaged” residential buildings and “civilian objects” in Trostianets, which became an early target of the Russian invasion.   “

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said the “ultimate goal” of the Russian forces, which had planning documents, was to “blockade and occupy” the city of Melitopol in southeastern Ukraine. The documents, which appear to have been stamped on January 18, 2022, identify callsigns and radio frequencies for the 15-day operation from February 20 to March 6, 2022, and include details of plans to occupy the city of Melitopol map.

One of the documents published by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense was dated January 18, a full month before the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, while another multi-unit callsign planning document was dated from February 20 to March 6. Code of the Day – Name changes of several Russian teams in order to connect with each other without revealing their identities.

If the Russian Federation continues to concentrate people and equipment for an offensive in the Donbas for too long, the Ukrainian army may strike first. If the Russian Federation cannot force Ukraine to comply with its maximalist demands but is unwilling to negotiate and compromise.

Then it can claim to have achieved the goals of a “special military operation” and withdraw troops to Belarus. If successful, the Russian Federation could declare the “demilitarization” of Ukraine and use the occupied territory as a bargaining chip or formally include Donetsk in Russia.

Victory will be determined by Ukraine’s acceptance of the maximalist demands of the Russian Federation, including recognition of the annexation of Crimea and the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics; possible surrender of another territory near Crimea; agreeing never to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the EU, and restrictions on the size of the Russian army.   “

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