Russia’s Media Propaganda Turns To ‘Spine-Chilling Rhetoric’

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Putin is at it even more with this rhetoric of him attacking the US and its NATO allies on his state-run media. His state-run media went as far as showing a map with nuclear missiles coming out of Russia and striking the US and NATO allies. Wait, don’t think the Russian people can’t be so gullible that they believe anything their state-run media tells them.

What they didn’t show is the swift response Russia would face if they went to nuclear warfare. Why doesn’t America show what a response to Putin’s state-run media on using nuclear warfare would actually look like?


America doesn’t deal in hypotheticals. Even though Russia may be a world power, they don’t have the title we have, the United States is known as the most powerful nation on earth.

Russia holds second place by being the largest country in the world, and one of the world’s largest economies, and sanctions are greatly reducing its economic growth. On March 17, 2022, Putin went as far as threatening his own people. He threatened them with being a traitor and scum if they didn’t see this war the way he wants them to.

Either way, an incendiary Stalinesque speech on Wednesday night in which Putin called Russians opposing the war “traitors” marked a change in tone and a sign that not all is going to plan, experts said.

Perhaps more worrying, many observers saw it as a sign that the head of the Russian state, facing a setback in Ukraine, would take a vengeful turn at home and crack down more forcefully than ever on any sign of dissent.

While some Russians support the war, many others are protesting against it in the streets, fully aware they will be rounded up by heavily armed police even for the most peaceful of demonstrations. The Russian state has made mass protests illegal, and now, insulting the military is against the law.

Still, people show up in groups, while others demonstrate entirely alone. Even lone protesters have been detained, social media videos have shown.   “

Above all, Russian state media will make the Russians believe the war in Ukraine is going according to plan, with the Russian military winning. The tightly controlled media landscape in that country means Russian viewers are seeing an extraordinarily different version of events in Ukraine.

A version with very few parallels with the evidence on the ground than those in the West. The internet, naturally, is still available to those seeking global protection from war though, in fact, many foreign news websites are blocked but for a typical Russian client, the government-run TV remains the main source of news on Ukraine.

But with Russia’s military struggling, its rivals emboldened and the neighbor it invaded responding with defiance, NBC News watched dozens of hours of state media coverage to find the Kremlin and its mouthpieces increasingly reaching for new and more outlandish claims to justify the Ukraine invasion.

“The Kremlin has relatively few instruments to try and influence the West, and therefore it’s resorting to all this spine-chilling rhetoric as a means of attempted intimidation,” said Mark Galeotti, a senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, a think tank based in London.

That leaves “the dark power of looking crazy and dangerous” as one of the very few tools at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s disposal, he said.   “

Putin must know by now his invasion of Ukraine was not well thought through. He made a major misjudgment call going into Ukraine. Rather than just back out before he loses more Russians because his ego is well bruised. If he attempts to actually use nuclear warfare, he wouldn’t believe the immediate response he would receive. It will leave more than a bruise.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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