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Will The US Keep Its Word On The Evacuation Effort of Afghans?

The American government’s word has always been its bond. We have taken a solemn oath to do what is right and just, no matter the political cost.

It’s Reported Britain Is Prepared To Take In 25,000 Afghanistan Refugees

The British government is doing its utmost to make sure that 25,000 Afghan citizens are safe and sound. They have launched the Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme


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Canada Free Press

Biden won’t seek to extend enhanced $300 unemployment benefits past Sept. 6

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It’s Been Reported The Taliban Has Started Executing People Who Worked With The US

The Taliban have been going house-to-house in Afghanistan, hanging people who worked with the US military and their allies. A source told Afghan news outlet Tolonews…

The US general to British special forces: Stop rescuing people As Reported By The Examiner

Maj. Gen Christopher Donahue told his British counterpart that U.S military operations would be embarrassing without similar operations in the UK, but to no avail,

Why You Should Be As AngryAbout Joe Biden’s Presidency As I Am!!

President Joe Biden has been in office for less than a year, and already the Afghanistan Taliban is making their move for power.

Fear Of Being Executed

Fox News reported that an American woman(Also a Mom) is trapped in a terrifying place under Taliban control.

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