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Islamic State poses a real Threat To Americans Still In Afghanistan

Like I said in a post earlier, Americans are in real danger and we need to just go in and take them out. I don’t think the Taliban wants to fool with us while they are celebrating.

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Have We Now Given The Taliban A World Stage?

You might have heard of the Taliban before, but what exactly does it mean? This group is a terrorist organization that has been around since 1994. They are based in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Shots Fired, Marines Return Fire At The Kabul Airport

So is this going to continue to happen while we try to evacuate our people and Afghans? It’s being reported that the marines were drawn

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Politics, What A Dangerous Machine

The Political machine is tearing the country apart. The Democrats got Joe Biden elected and now, he seems as if he doesn’t know what’s going on. The Democrats have released their political machine.

How Much More Blood Will Biden Get On His Hands?

Everyone knew this was going to happen. It was not a case of if, it was a case of when.

Now Is The Time To Make A Change

Truth Seeking Truth is a political commentary website with a mission to promote the concept of seeking truth. I am, how can put this?

Your Rights Underattack From The Courts?

The judge’s actions have raised a lot of questions: Is this the beginning of socialism? Will judges now be able to temper justice with Socialism?

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