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America First Not Socialism – This Should Always Be The Message For First Time Voters

Imagine being told you can have whatever you want, but you have to share it with everyone else in the country. Would that idea sit well with you?

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Is Merrick Garland’s Law Suit Against Texas’s Abortion Law baseless?

Many pundits and news outlets have been quick to jump on the DOJ’s lawsuit against Texas’s new abortion law as politically motivated and nothing more than pandering to the liberal base of the Democratic Party.


Does Biden Have The Will To Fight?

The recent announcement that the United States was negotiating with the Taliban has led many to question whether or not President Biden can be trusted to take on our enemies with the proper force.

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What Can We Expect Out Of The Taliban Next?

This change in vision by the Taliban, although only on paper so far, may give hope to millions of girls around Afghanistan. We see that they are taking some action towards gender equality,

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State Sen. Lora Reinbold (Alaska) Blaming The Mandate?

State Sen. Lora Reinbold (Alaska) recently spoke out against Alaska’s strict vaccine mandate, which requires all children to receive vaccines before attending public school and daycare.


Should Biden’s Administration Have His Mental Capacity Checked?

President Joe Biden has accused former President Trump of lying all the time, but Biden does it, too! Even his mental state is being questioned! Biden’s mental state does not seem to be right.

Getting The Truth Out One Way Or The Other

  I wanted to start this website to be able to inform others about the truth, and about the Democrats, Socialism, and how they are trying to change our country into something that it wasn’t intended to be.

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