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               This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.

Breaking News – Is Dr. Fauci Lying?

Recently, news outlets are claiming that Dr. Fauci may have lied about the research on the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China.


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Is Mexico Turning Abortion Into A Successful Business?

Yesterday, just a little over 13 hours, not an entire day, it looks like Mexico is watching us here in The United States get ready for a showdown over abortion.

Who Does Joe Manchin Think He’s Fooling?

Senator Joe Manchin is on the “Give me some attention”, “I’m an important man now” kick. Joe Manchin has gotten much attention with his threatening to hold out…

What About Our Veterans? (Part 3)

Our veterans need to be taken care of after the fight is over, and that’s one of the most important duties we have as Americans. But so many times these days they’re forgotten about left out in the cold, and it’s absolutely disgraceful.

What About Our Veterans? Part (4)

When we read an article of interest to us we tend to have an opinion before we are even finished reading. I say this because with these articles which I have written about our Veterans some readers have formed an opinion against me

What About Our Veterans? Part (5)

 In my last article, I brought up knowing an Afghanistan veteran. I talked about how people. even after reading the article, still don’t get it. They will also say that there are programs to help the veterans.

Vaccine Mandate, An Egregious Overreach Of Government Power

America’s Republicans and Democrats have grown farther apart in recent years, and nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to the issue of vaccinations and immunizations.

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