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Conditioned Or Brainwashed?

Should the definition of the Democratic party today read like the movie “The Matrix”? Instead of two pills to choose from, wake up, or continue sleeping, there are two more pills to choose from: Conditioning and Brainwashing.

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What A Bad Idea Defunding The Police Has Become Under The Biden Administration

Democrats are wanting to defund the police, yet, the police are the ones who they call for help. .

How Did We Get Here?

The clock strikes midnight and the counting restarts. Just hours before we were told that ballot counting had stopped until morning in Atlanta.

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What?? No screams from the left to Impeach Cuomo 

I can’t comprehend why the left isn’t shrieking, Impeach Governor Cuomo. 

Our Government Or Theirs? Tyranny?

I have a friend who posted a meme saying “Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of Sick people”.

Senator Joe Manchin Now Has Problem With The Spending Bill??

So, here goes Joe Manchin AGAIN! Joe Manchin always has a problem now when it comes to the Senate. 

The Defense Of The Country Should Always Come First

There’re aren’t too many people who know about July 23, 2021, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved a bill that would add… 

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