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Now Is The Time To Make A Change

Truth Seeking Truth is a political commentary website with a mission to promote the concept of seeking truth. I am, how can put this?
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What About The Veterans

I want to take the time to say I am very passionate about our Veterans. Without them where would we be? Every day we hear about murders and racism. Now we have fighting going on in our Congress and nothing is getting done.

What About The Veterans? Part 2

Okay, so here we are with part 2 Of What About The Veterans? Let’s do a little re-cap on the first chapter. I was asking, where would we be today if it were not for our veterans (Warriors)? Let’s go back as far as WW1(World War 1).

Joe Biden’s Presidency Is Sinking Everyday

How does that old saying go, be careful what you wish for? Seems the Democrats are faced with this old saying. Joe Biden is sinking in the polls and already has a major blunder under his belt.

Governor Abbott Stands Up To Democrats And For The Unborn

Governor Greg Abbott vowed today that the new Texas Abortion law SB8 will stand, despite efforts by Democrats to block it in court. He stated that the bill was not unconstitutional

The Dangers of Socialism- For Those Who Don’t Know

We have been hearing a lot about socialism in the news recently, thanks in part to Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But what exactly is socialism? 

The Dangers of Socialism- For Those Who Don’t Know – Part two

The Republican Party believes in free-market capitalism as a foundation for economic growth and individual liberty. The Democratic Party believes in socialized ownership and government domination over large industries.

So Democrats want To Add New Taxes? Say It Aint So

I am so glad I left the Democratic party. You’ve probably seen or heard of all the changes taking place in Washington right now, and some of them have left you worried. 

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