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How Exactly Has The Taliban Changed?

The latest violence in Afghanistan is fueling questions about the insurgency’s carefully crafted image as a populist movement that’s trying to liberate Muslims from foreign rule.

Managing Editor

Joe Bidens Blame Game

As the Biden administration faces yet another self-imposed crisis, they are once again falling on their favorite talking point: blame anyone but us.

Alabama Taking The Upper hand On Covid 19

Our ICU beds are filling up and COVID-19 cases are projected to surge in the weeks ahead. Doctors and Alabama health officials…

What Happened To The Mainstream  Media?

These are some of the biggest lies the mainstream media has told in the past few years. We all remember some of them, but let us try not to forget the top ten lies.

What Happened To The Mainstream Media? Part to(2)

As I began writing the first article I knew right away there would be another part to it. Well, and here I am with part two (2)

Don’t These People Know The Mainstream Media Is Watching Them?

You would think these people should know the Mainstream Media is watching them at every level.


Is Our Democracy Under Attack?

I am wondering now that my eyes are wide open and my hearing is good now, is our democracy under attack?

What’s Harder, Being Re-Conditioned Or Being Re-Programed?

I’m really having a hard time being re-conditioned. Yeah, that’s exactly what I said, I’m being re-conditioned with no help from anyone but myself.

Socialism or capitalism?

I don’t know if you have heard of the new political party, Democrats? They are for socialism, and they want to make a change in this country.

Can America Be Trusted To Help Those Who Help Us?

Does President Biden think the American people don’t care about these Afgan interpreters who helped keep our soldiers safe?

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