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When Will China Answer For The Death Toll In America From COVID 19?

Truth Seeking Truth, the press, and citizens cannot stand it any longer. The recent China tariffs have brought a massive shift…

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Democrats Platform On Immigration

A friend of mine sent me this link to the Democrats Platform on Immigration. It is unbelievable. If you think Republicans want to change the USA into Mexico, check out the Democrat platform.

Big Money Interest In Washington Has To Go

A dark cloud of contention hangs over Washington – a disease that has infected every single decision-maker. I’m talking about the stench of corruption.

Well, this is interesting. Russia, China, Iran, and Pakistan are all standing against us now.

Interesting. We thought the world was working together to combat ISIS, but we stand alone against this newly formed alliance of nations (which is led by Iran).


Let The Sanctions Begin (Florida)

The Florida Board of Education voted Tuesday to sanction two public school districts for defying Gov. Ron DeSantis’ order banning mask mandates in schools. 

How Exactly Has The Taliban Changed?

The latest violence in Afghanistan is fueling questions about the insurgency’s carefully crafted image as a populist movement that’s trying to liberate Muslims from foreign rule.

Joe Bidens Blame Game

As the Biden administration faces yet another self-imposed crisis, they are once again falling on their favorite talking point: blame anyone but us.

Alabama Taking The Upper hand On Covid 19

Our ICU beds are filling up and COVID-19 cases are projected to surge in the weeks ahead. Doctors and Alabama health officials…

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